America-Home of the Free and land of the Brave

As I sit listening to the House of Representatives I feel nauseated.

I understand that the current healthcare system in America is flawed.  However giving the government the reins to healthcare is not the solution.

In light of the current economy and the current unemployment rate 10.2% can you imagine small business and your friends and neighbors bearing the brunt of healthcare for all?  I currently cannot afford to pay for my neighbor’s healthcare!   Many American families are struggling as is, and now we are expected to pay for everyone?  I agree, there has to be a better idea on healthcare.  If the government used the bailout money directly into the hands of everyone who so passionately argues for healthcare, they would not only be able to afford healthcare but would give the economy a needed boost.   Expecting Americans to assume the responsibility of being “his brother’s keeper” when the very moral fabric of our society is ailing worse than the economy is insane.   Am I supposed to leave my healthcare in the hands of many Americans, many of whom I would not trust with my purse? And am I to entrust the government to make sure they do their job?  What part of losing freedom does not stand out?

Build jobs, how many jobs did they build with the stimulus?  Why is the unemployment rate still rising?  I listened to the news the other night and the person speaking about unemployment reported that people are taking temporary jobs and that is a good sign.   I beg to differ.  Plenty of people are taking temporary jobs or jobs at far lower pay rates than they expected, just to feed and shelter their families!  This is supposed to be a positive sign?  Good sign?  That makes no sense as a positive indicator.  It simply illustrates that the people who can, are doing something.

What about the person who applies at 50 jobs, and doesn’t get one interview, even though they are eminently qualified for the positions they apply for?  Well, maybe they take a temporary job (great indicator huh?), which delays them filing for unemployment.  And the rest, well… let’s just extend unemployment and stimulate the economy.  I heard today on C-Span a Republican state “Control a man’s purse and you control half a man, control his health  you control the whole man.”  So many are already dependent on the government for their basic needs.  The government was NOT created to take care of people.  The government was NOT created to ensure your personal needs are met.  The government was created so that YOU are able to maintain the freedom to ensure those needs are met.  When does personal responsibility factor in?  Because of the decline of our society lets just let government manage us for us, instead of getting back to the basics and fixing our society!  Is that the kind of mentality you want?  Do you really want to be dependent on the government teat for your sustenance?

You want real change, change I can believe in?  Start in your home.  Start in your neighborhood.  If you don’t like it–change it.  If you don’t like what your congressmen and senators are doing, show them your displeasure by speaking out, not just as one person but as a whole majority of constituents.  If you don’t like what I say then wait a while, at the current rate we will lose our freedom of speech too.  What does that mean to you?  Complacency has been the downfall here, complacency combined with ignorance.

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2 responses to “America-Home of the Free and land of the Brave

  1. That’s my girl!

    The Health Care Reform Bill, oh, excuse me, the Freedom of Choice Reform Bill, is the most insidious piece of legislation that I’ve seen in my short 38 years of life. If it passes the potential for government intrusion into myriad aspects of Americans’ lives will skyrocket. Think about how many things can be linked to health care: guns – people shoot each other, it is a drain on hospital resources, therefore we need gun control; food – too many people are going to the doctor because they eat McDonald’s and Twinkies all day, therefore we have to regulate what people eat; sports – we are seeing an inordinate number of sports-related injuries, therefore we need to regulate sports; the list goes on and on. Granted, these are extreme examples, but this bill is extreme legislation. Sadly, its less about actual health care reform than it is about the regulation of the lives of Americans.

  2. I agree my handsome guy! I can see their faulty logic at work now and the future implications of such faulty logic. This does not bode well for freedom in general.

    Those who listen to what’s being fed to them without looking at the entire picture are going to be the same people who are complacent with big government controlling their lives! I am so glad we do not think that way!

    I value a strong work ethic. You cannot legislate morality, but it appears they just missed a “t”; perhaps should read legislate morTality. Freedom, personal choice and America as we know it could be mortally wounded by this piece of legislation.

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