Good Morning America…

Are you awake yet?

As I sit here drinking my coffee and reading what many people are saying around this country (apparently some of us are awake), I had an interesting discussion with a friend on Facebook.

This person, argues that government run healthcare is needed by some and that for basic things it is good.

I will share my experience with government run healthcare.  First of all, over the years I had to utilize a government run healthcare program.  Now, for basic things let me assure you it is not just “fine or good.”  I really do not believe that waiting 3 months for a mammogram is a “good” thing when you have a palpable lump.  Nor do I believe that it is a good thing to go to the doctor, who decides to run a urinalysis–the results come back positive for infection.  Is there a phone call?  Is there a letter in the mail stating–your results were abnormal, please come back in for follow up?  No!  There is a month later, when I was having severe back pain (kidney infection) the sarcastic tone from the random walk-in doctor combined with the sentence “Well, did you take all your antibiotics?”  Excuse me?  Which antibiotics are you referring to?  The ones you should have prescribed but did not???

One of my most recent experiences with the government run healthcare, was with my children was, taking them to the clinic with fever, cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea etc.  What did the provider tell me?  Well it appears your kids have “fever, cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea etc.”  NO SH%*SHERLOCK!   I asked for clarification, and got the same regurgitated answer of the symptoms I explained were present in my children.  Is that good enough?  Now, someone I know who took their child(with the same symptoms as my children) to their private practice doctor, was tested for H1N1 and treated accordingly.

Thank Goodness we have other options!  The other options are not exactly ideal, but honestly I’ll take them over the alternative.   Combine the benefits of quality care with freedom, I’ll choose that any day.  Not a perfect system, but it beats the alternative!

So the gloves are indeed off.  I am tired of listening to right wing liberals on televsion dictate, yes dictate, what they believe is best for me.  Great article on NRO:

So I spent the late evening writing every senator and politician in my state, as well as many senators from other states.  I have a feeling that every US Senator’s email inbox is overflowing.  At least I hope that is one of the many ways that people can voice their discontent and it is being used.  They need to know…how the American public feels about the decision that lies before them.

Write your Senator today!

I wrote Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.

Dear Senator Murkowski:

As one of your constituents I am writing to request that you vote against the recently passed House Bill 3962 once it arrives to the Senate.  Not only do I request you vote against it, but that you work diligently to ensure it does not pass the Senate.  Not only am I writing you, but I am reaching out to every one of your constituents that I can, to do the same.

I am not opposed to healthcare reform.  I am opposed to the solution that is being shoved down American’s throats.  If this is the best that America can come up with, then we truly are in a lot more trouble than it seems.  There are definite reforms that can be put in place to address healthcare issues.

I strongly oppose the mandated public option.  The individual and small business mandates remove the option of choice for Americans.  If you vote in favor of passing this, you are telling every American and Alaskan that you do not care for our freedoms.  Small business will be forced to make a choice, provide healthcare or pay the tax.  The tax in most cases will be a lot cheaper than providing the insurance.  Businesses will have to opt to pay the tax, the lesser of two evils, because as you well know our economy is not exactly blossoming.  Well, what does that leave the employee?  They are mandated to BUY the insurance themselves or face fines of up to $250,000.00 and up to five years imprisonment.

I work in a correctional facility.  This facility is already at capacity.  What is the State of Alaska going to do when people who can barely make ends meet now, get slapped with fines that will devastate them financially and then sit in jail?  You have seen the effect on the criminal justice system for the war on drugs.  The war is a noble idea, like the idea of health care reform that is presented in the pretty wrapping, only hiding the true problems.  California, for example is releasing 40,000 prisoners because of their burgeoning prisons and deficits.  What will Alaskan prisons look like if this passes?  Will you opt to build more to house the individuals that cannot pay?  Will the state bear that burden?  Will your constituents take to this lightly?

If we add a healthcare system that we begin paying on now but won’t see for a few years,  what will that do for our economy?  The American people are not naïve; we do not believe that this forced healthcare reform will not cause an even larger deficit.  What about waving the threat of imprisonment and huge fines at people whose wallets are thin and criminalize their inability to pay or their dislike of socialism in our country makes sense to you?  Now what?  The war on dissidents who refuse to buy into socialism?

What are you going to do Senator?  Tell me, are you going to choose the public option?  Wait, your healthcare is covered for the rest of your life.  While your healthcare option may be forever, albeit quite unjust, I can assure you that your spot in the Senate is not.  What are you going to leave as your legacy as a Senator?  Your father left the legacy of his jet to be remembered by.  Please tell me you will find within you the moral compass that points to the direction of the Alaskan and American people and not the senatorial stamp of socialism on the United States.

You can be assured that if you vote in favor of this piece of legislation and do not actively speak out against it—you will never have my vote again.

Your constituent,

Speak up!  Now is the time to voice your discontent.  Now is the time to speak to, email, write a letter (besides the post office could use a financial boost-imagine that, a failing federal program)!  Now is the time to meet as communities to unify and ensure that the Senate does not endorse socialism in these United States!

Until Next time!



2 responses to “Good Morning America…

  1. I agree with you on the bit about fines and imprisonment. If we are going to help people, then great, lets honestly help people. This idea of engaging the government to nanny people into somehow doing what they can’t afford is silly.

    Regarding your experience with government run health plans, I believe incompetence is universal in the healthcare industry: When I was in freshman year of college, I got pneumonia, which the private sector doctor misdiagnosed as common cold. I ended up missing 5 weeks of the quarter, dropping 2 classes, and paying a lot of money – even after the private sector insurance.

    • I have no doubt that incompetence is an issue in the private sector. I know that the private sector medical care has problems as well.

      Our litigious society has led to higher malpractice coverage; managed care has limited doctors ability to effectively treat. Socialism and government run health care is not the answer. Some trace the introduction of welfare to the decline in our moral values in society.

      Our constitution does not guarantee the “right” of health care and it does not mandate that the government manage us in the event we cannot manage ourselves. I have no doubt that there will be a shift in the American government as a result of this administration and the strong armed legislation they managed to pass by a very slim margin.

      Government has grown too big for it’s britches, and they want to grow it even bigger. Just one look at the multiple ethics violations, criminal cases and corruption in our government is enough to warrant “change we can believe in.” Change in the form of government by the people, for the people! We have had enough!

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