The passage of Socialism in the United States

So, the House of Representatives passed HB 3962.  Socialism in the United States.

The individual and small business mandates are unacceptable.

As one of the speakers so eloquently put, small businesses will pay the tax instead of offering health care, that is the cheaper route.  You know that most small businesses are suffering financially in this economy.

As far as the individual mandate.  You don’t opt in, you are liable to be fined up to 250,000.00 and up to 5 years in jail.  This is really going to work, you see (sarcasm drips)!  You have seen the effect on the criminal justice system for the war on drugs.  Now what?  The war on dissidents who refuse to buy into socialism?

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One response to “The passage of Socialism in the United States

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You are so right. I about gagged when I heard one of the Democrats stand up and proclaim that this would be a piece of legislation that is just as popular and great as Social Security. WTF?! Would that be the same socialistic entitlement program that will be bankrupt by 2016? The same program that will have no funds when I retire? We must stop this in the Senate because we know the Obaminator will sign anything.

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