Link to a great article…

If this doesn’t burn your britches, then I just don’t know what to tell you… how about no mammogram until your 50?

Great article–as if you aren’t sickened enough!

Until next time!


P.S. Equal work means equal payyy mmm mmm mmm (that’s a far cry in this administration!  Well that depends on what you constitute work as–perhaps ruining the country with unsound economics, shaking hands and befriending malevolent dictators, pulling the wool over your sheep’s eyes and culling the herd!)  Oh yes, Mark Begich still hasn’t written me back.  Perhaps he is too busy trying to figure out how he should vote or perhaps he is slinking around Anchorage because he left the budget there in ruin–but likely he is having Wagyu steaks smelling orchids or hmm I wonder what Reid is serving up tonight? Mmmm Mmmmm MMmmmm…


Moose stew, is something that Sarah Palin is happy with.  I wouldn’t mind if she shipped some moose meat to the white house, provided she lives there.


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