Polarization of America – Part II

I just read a post on Facebook that fully illustrates how polarized America is right now over healthcare.

First of all, why is it that it so many are lead to believe this is the ONLY chance in the world to fix healthcare.  When something is painted as the ONLY option, people start being frightened and overwhelmed with a sense of urgency.  I call BS. You listen to the shady politicians and slipstream media (thanks to my husband for that term) then you will think the ONLY chance to fix healthcare is NOW… If that is what you believe you may want to read another blog, I refuse to be forced into a stampede like an ignorant fool.

The country is being divided into Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, Republican and Democrat and whose side of the fence do you sit on??  What if you don’t want to sit on either?  What if you don’t believe that 23 MILLION uninsured is acceptable given the huge cost the CBO is figuring.  Now I have a question, those 23 million uninured–how do they discount those folks?  Isn’t this supposed to be universal healthcare for everyone? Do you really want your healthcare decisions to be made by people like Harry Reid?????

The stimulus is failing, the economy is failing, unemployment is going up and taxation seems to be their only answer.  The debt is burgeoning and our children and grandchildren will be paying for the mistakes of herded chattle for a long time.

Demand a better solution; demand that our politicians have to pay for their insurance after they are done serving their terms; demand that illegals who don’t pay into taxes don’t receive benefits; demand insurance reform; demand pharmeceutical reform!

Divided people are a weakened voice, only to be arguing with each other while the wolves in Washington DC decide our fate for us.  What do you think?

The United States Constitution does not provide us with the right to health care.  It does provide our states to be responsible for the things not covered by the federal government.  Bring the power to the people, back to the states and demand your state do better.

Until Next Time!



3 responses to “Polarization of America – Part II

  1. Good point! “Republican and Democrat and whose side of the fence do you sit on?? What if you don’t want to sit on either?”

    The answer to this question for me is the Tea Party movement.


  2. There needs to be an organized concerted effort in addition to letting every politician know what we think.

    We the People–therein lies the power, it just needs to be focused and harnessed. Whether that be for the next elections or this horrific piece of legislation or BOTH…


  3. I’m a libertarian, so that’s why I want Ron Paul (R)for President in 2012, Debra Medina (R) Governor of Texas, Rand Paul (R) for Kentucky Senate,….Liberty candidates!

    The problem with the Libertarian Party is they don’t have an aggressive enough campaign.

    The great thing about the Republican party is the diversity and the GOP Liberty Caucus. In the Republican Party you can be a libertarian.

    Democrats are basically socialists and love to steal. Don’t steal the government hates competition!

    I think Ron Paul is the only person in government deserving of the presidency.
    If we can’t get this man elected, I don’t know if the U.S. has much hope. I love how consistent he is on his positions, he doesn’t change views based on who he is speaking to at the time. He sticks to his guns. Ron Paul 2012.

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