Obama speaks… Muslim praises

This makes me sick…   How about you?????

How can Americans endorse this man?  How can his approval rating not be worse than it is?

Tell me what you think!



3 responses to “Obama speaks… Muslim praises

  1. Please do your research on the Muslim religion and community; people of Muslim faith are generally very peaceful and respectful. Like all religions Muslims have their extremist, but we can’t and shouldn’t judge a whole religion based on what a small group of said religions extremist are doing.

    • I agree it’s radical Muslims that are at fault for things like Ft. Hood, 9/11 and the Panty Bomber. There are very likely Muslims that don’t agree with or condone the acts. Just as there are, I am sure, democrats who oppose the current health care reform. The question is, do they stand against the tyrannical majority. or minority if we were speaking about Muslims re: radial Muslim extremists? Does their faith even allow them to stand against that tyrannical minority who kill, maim and destroy Americans?

      That said, the peaceful Muslim individuals are absolved of their “duty” and Islamic jurisprudence by the select few, those who believe they need to do their duty, and follow the lesser-jihad-warfare.

      Take a minute to read this:
      Moderate Islam?

      • What do you think of stoning as punishment (stoning is a death sentence by the way), female circumcision, beheading, Saudi Arabia’s draconian penal code, the mysogynism that pervades Islamic culture, why Catholic schoolgirls in the Philippines are hacked to death by Muslims when they’re walking to school, what do you know about the Janjaweed in Darfur, dhimmitude, the head tax, and why every military conflict currently occurring in the world involves Muslims if its such a “peaceful and respectful” religion.

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