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Here is my comment to the Democratic legislators:

I have called and emailed my senators to no avail. You are no longer listening to the voice of the people. Your selective hearing allows you to only hear the ones you have herded like chattle to the slaughterhouse. The healthcare takeover is unconstitutional and will not be tolerated. You are directly violating our constitution and will suffer the consequences, legally and on election day. I refuse to accept this horrid piece of legislation and the government that is proposing it. If it means I join Tea Party ranks, Republican, whichever party that opposes Democrats, I will. I delighted in making calls for Scott Brown. I will devote even more of my time to ensuring liberals are ousted. I used to be a very non-partisan person and thanks to your efforts I will never support a Democrat again and will vehemently oppose your efforts to move the United States towards socialism. College education is not a right. Healthcare is not a right. I am tired of your manipulations and fundamental change. I will do everything in my power to assist those who will move the United States of America to what it should be. A country run by the people, for the people. Where we are guaranteed the right of the pursuit of happiness in a country that fosters personal responsibility for personal happiness, not a nanny government telling us who our doctors are, what care we can have and who we can have a student loan with. You are foul representations of our people and I will do my part to see your political careers are over.


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