Another day that will live in infamy…

Today, our elected officials took a giant leap toward socialist rule in the United States of America.

What true American is not disgusted?

What true American does not see this is socialism in our land, thrust upon us by the electorate that refuses to listen?

What true American disagrees that health care could be improved?

For years I have stuck to the belief that I can be bi-partisan and vote on issues and not on party lines.  I suppose the one thing the Democrats have done, in addition to Sunday Bloody Sunday, is either made me a staunch Republican or ready to join arms with the Tea Party.  I have yet to decide but it’s one of the two.  At this point I will support both of them just to be rid of the Democrat socialist bull.

The liberal has taken deep root in our educational system.  The liberal influence in our educational system is ridiculous.  The moral decay of our country abounds, yet is it more heinous to have “under God” in the pledge?  But it’s okay to have books that talk about sex with 5th graders?  Global warming as part of their education?  I cannot wait to read my daughter’s social studies book with her next year and tell her the whole truth.  Something they surely won’t do.  You cannot escape liberal socialist ideals in Academia.  Ideals are one thing and good to aspire to, but not at the expense of the truth.  How many of you can name instances where ignoring mistakes in history led to repeating them?

With Freddy and Fannie, and now student loans in the government’s back pocket things in the financial aspect is not looking up either.  Unemployment continues to be high 10.4% in February 2010.  I guess Obama is looking to fill 16,000 jobs within the IRS.  What kind of Americans sign up for that job?  Hmmm desperate people who are about to lose their homes and where 1 in 10 are unemployed.  It is fortunate for Obama and his ilk that the liberal have some chattel to choose from.  They will get their good government job.  They will penalize us for not signing up for nationalized healthcare through the most terrifying federal agency the IRS.  The IRS can freeze your bank accounts, take what it wants, take your home and possessions and I don’t know about you, but I have heard how understanding they are through the whole process too.

So how many people are going to be imprisoned for failing to pay their healthcare tax?  What are they going to do with these people?  If I could not pay, would I be put in the only prison available in my community, a maximum security prison where I worked?  Or, would they have to devise some other forms of incarceration?  My mind goes to internment camps and detention facilities specially created to hold the new sort of criminal – the resistor.

Non-profit organizations like Acorn.  I don’t think I need to type more about that.  How about the Czars?

Now, thanks to our electorate, the deemocrats will soon to be rooted in our doctor’s offices.  The government’s miserable failure of Medicaid, the VA healthcare system and Indian Health Services were just not enough.  They have to fail on a grand level – but this is not just a small segment of the population.  It will hit home when grandma is not deemed young enough to save, when preventative care is deemed unnecessary and when it is deemed that there are no surgical times available for a child who is in need of an appendectomy.  At that point, when personally affected and the realization sinks in–it will be too late.  The giant cogs will be crushing along in their slow governmental way.

So, it is for this and many other reasons I will support anyone who has the moxie to stand up to them.  I eagerly await the law suits and I know that many others do too.  I won’t deny that I won’t relish elections come November.  I will be eating popcorn with gobs of butter and salt, if that’s still legal, and cheering on conservative Republicans or Tea Party Patriots take out the Democrats.

This speech came from one of our Presidents…

It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes. Distinctions in society will always exist under every just government. Equality of talents, of education, or of wealth can not be produced by human institutions.

~Andrew Jackson, 07/10/1832

So for the sheep, chattel and plain old ignorant… you role is to improve yourselves.  Your right is to be allowed the pursuit of happiness, not to be handed everything you believe you deserve.

Our forefathers did not have things handed to them, they made this country great.  Look at communism and where it led.  Look at soft-socialist countries and their medical horrors that the liberals won’t acknowledge.

Are you ready to do your part?  Now is not the time to roll over and say “there’s nothing I can do.”



2 responses to “Another day that will live in infamy…

  1. “For years I have stuck to the belief that I can be bi-partisan and vote on issues and not on party lines. I suppose the one thing the Democrats have done… made me a staunch Republican…”

    If that were really true, you should have been disgusted at the lies & tactics of the Republicans & become a staunch Democrat.

    You do not hold to the truth. All you do is complain by spinning the facts but where are your solutions for health care reform, hmmm ?

    Not wanting health care for those millions of uninsured fellow Americans makes you an immoral person & downright un-American.

    “Look at communism and where it led.”

    Furthermore, you’re confusing dictatorial communism with the idealism of communism. Just because a few cops are corrupt doesn’t mean the entire precinct is too.

    • So which, exactly, lies from the Republicans are you referring to? The buildup to the war in Iraq? In case you’ve forgotten, there was broad bipartisan support in our own Congress, and internationally, intelligence agencies from the Israeli Mossad to the Brits’ MI6 agreed with the assessment of our own CIA. But that’s a debate that’s long out of date.

      Spinning facts? Which facts exactly have I spun? Please be specific if you choose to attack what I’m saying. As for solutions, one of the biggest I’d suggest is allowing insurance companies to sell policies across state lines. Auto insurance companies can do it, why not health insurance companies? Tort reform vis a vis medical malpractice is another item. Except that too many democrats receive campaign contributions from lawyers and the organizations they are members of. Wouldn’t want to piss them off now, would we? Dems want to get re-elected. And have you ever heard how much prescription drugs that were developed in the US sell for in foreign countries? I’ll tell you the answer – a fraction of their cost here. And why is that? Because countries like Britain, Canada, France, Spain and others, with socialized health care systems, force the pharmaceutical companies to sell the drugs at costs they approve. Which are drastically lower than we Americans pay, or they are not allowed to sell their drugs in those markets. So why should WE pay for research and development of new treatment methods for people in other countries? Is this part of the New World Order? Those rich Americans can pay for it? Except what about that person who cannot afford it? Is socialized medicine your solution? Is burdening our children and our grandchildren with a collosal debt the answer? Not one I’d agree with!

      And in case you don’t know history – look at what Castro did once he gained power in Cuba. What was one of the first things he did? That’s right – socialize their health care system. What about Chavez in Venezuela? Same thing. Even Hitler socialized the German health care system in 1930’s Germany. In a nutshell, socialized health care is one of the first things that despots enact once they’ve gained power. Oh, and look at the numbers of the uninsured again. Did the figures you read include people who quit one job to take another? Illegal immigrants, people who, for one reason or another, choose not to purchase a health care plan? Simply saying there are 30 million Americans without health insurance is deceptive at best. Do you agree that illegal immigrants should receive the same health care coverage, social security benefits and welfare as individuals who have actually paid into those systems through their hard earned tax dollars?

      I don’t believe I ever said I didn’t want the uninsured to remain so. The opposite is actually true. Of course I don’t want someone turned away from a potentially life-saving procedure. I simply believe that there is a better way to get them that insurance than what was just passed. And I take umbrage at you calling me immoral and Un-American – you don’t know anything about me other than what you may have read here. And as far as I know, the First Amendment Right to Free Speech is still intact. Although that too may begin to fall by the wayside if the FCC begins to regulate the internet like they’ve discussed. Who knows, one day, not too far away, we may not be able to have this discussion thanks ever more government intervention in the lives of private citizens.

      And where did corrupt cops come from? Didn’t realize we were talking about law enforcement.

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