Abandoning Cain? HECK NO! I’d rather keep the Able!

I have watched, somewhat intermittently, the media frenzy over the sexual harassment allegations and GOP nomination hopeful, Herman Cain. I listened to Rush for a bit, who actually came to Cain’s defense, which was interesting because a few weeks prior it didn’t sound like Rush was pro-Cain. But I am sure he can’t stand the media slashing of him either. I don’t think anyone can stand it. I am even disgusted with people I ordinarily really respect, such as Jonah Goldberg a writer at NRO for writing this article: The Coming Cain Mutiny. He is dismissing Cain, already. He has basically acknowledged that the MSM has won and this character assassination has done its job effectively and there is no way that Cain can overcome this. Really Jonah? I also read Costa’s article. He is also giving up hope on Cain. I personally like the statement from the Cain campaign: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/282520/team-cain-stresses-allreds-celebrity-lawyer-reputation-bialeks-financial-difficulties- I have to give big Kudos to Katrina Trinko for her article, which doesn’t disparage Cain or start pounding nails in the campaign coffin. Great job!!!

This just came out a few minutes ago in the Chicago Sun Times. Apparently the latest accuser was at a Tea Party function where Herman Cain was speaking and actually hugged him and spoke to him. Now, if I were sexually harassed by someone, would I HUG him? I think NOT. Would you go hug your sexual harasser? Would you??? Really????? This just gives more credibility to Herman Cain and adds to the already lacking credibility of Gloria Allred and her client.

Given the fact that the attorney for the latest woman is Gloria Allred (vomit silently and resumes writing) I don’t lend much credence to the allegations. I think that if the GOP Presidential hopefuls were smart, they’d all stick together on this one, say-“Enough is enough, this is just the MSM having a field day with little much of nothing trying to discredit something that can defeat Obama.” It could have been any one of them. Romney, Good Ole Newt, Perry or Bachman herself. But they chose Cain because he was ahead in the polls. It’s the let’s just take him out at the knee and run when the zombies are coming trick, if you are a Walking Dead fan. But there is no doubt, we need a weakened GOP for Obama to be reelected right? Who wants to give them what they want?? NOT ME. Right now the GOP is in the “It’s all about me,” stage and who wants to be nominated. I know who I want to be nominated.

Now I understand that each one of them is trying to win the nomination. But there is a bigger picture here at stake. The numbers haven’t been lying. Cain has been ahead in most every poll. Why do you think they felt the need to fabricate something and run with it? 90+ stories Politico, with no sources? No, I don’t think so. Run something so wild and crazy and wait for some woman of ill repute to want her five minutes of fame. Don’t you think that is possible? What do you think of Gloria Allred and her credibility and ethics? Cain’s campaign is right, who is paying Gloria Allred’s fee?

Back to the bigger picture. This does not diminish my support for Cain. In fact, it simply reinforces it. I am tired of the MSM character assassinations. I refuse to let them influence my choice. Now if there were irrefutable evidence, a video of Cain being a sexual harassing pig, well that might change my mind. But we have had pigs run this country before, just think about the cigar smoking Bill. Why is it that Hilary is still standing tall? They didn’t assassinate her character, “HOW could you still be with that man after what he did, and all the LIES?” Oh wait, she is a Liberal. Never mind. Herman Cain is more than able, more down to earth and personable than the rest of the shady typical politicians. Just the kind of change this country needs to get back on its feet. The kind of leader people can believe in to do the work we really need to do, and boy do we need to work.

Mr. Cain has the kind of UMPF needed for the country right now. I don’t see that in any of the other candidates. I see in Mr. Cain the kind of belief in American exceptionalism, heck he has made that exceptionalism work in the companies he has led! He KNOWS what that means. I love that he supports Israel. I love his down to earth manner and his numbers driven sensibility. He is the kind of person I can and will vote for in the next election. He is a doer and he is a capable man who deserves more credit than some weak minded belief in the main stream media’s current vomitus, to protect the current regime and liberal agenda.


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