White Men What????????? Bracelets and Babies… Oh my!

I was so disgusted when I saw this headline…. literally it made me sick.

Think about it.  If it was this:

Black people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Black fashion


Hispanic people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Hispanic fashion


Asian people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Asian fashion


Native people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Native fashion

There would be race riots in the street, there would be demands for someone’s jobs, there would be violence and you can BE SURE that someoneeeeee would be attending a diversity class somewhere down the line because of the HATRED that was apparently still going on in the world.  GOOD GRIEF….. this shit don’t end.

I can’t believe that this is even condoned this day and age.  It’s just become acceptable for hate speech to white people.  I mean that’s the message that is constantly being sent out there these days.  I am really sick and tired of it.

White people who volunteer for Vista are supposed to now wear bracelets to remind themselves of their “white privelege”????? How sick is this?  Come on now… This is coming from a woman who is a as society would like to label me “minority woman.”  I am so sick and tired of the bigotry both ways that is being fueled by the main stream media and the Democrat party and liberals in general.  Don’t get me wrong.  I see plenty of racism on either side.  But I don’t ever see people losing their minds when it comes to racism towards towards white people, thats just okay.  The evil white people.  Make fun of them, make racist jokes abou them, slander them, make white people comments, talk about them in a negative fashion.  Get everyone to make them look at them in a bad light.  See, that reminds an awful lot of of when racism towards Jews was just okay.poster24I don’t tolerate racism on any level.  Black towards White, White towards Black, Native to White, White to Native, etc. the list goes on.  NONE of it is acceptable.  I get as equally disgusted at any person who dislikes Obama simply for his race alone.  I dislike him because I hate what he is doing to this country, not for the color of his skin.  I would have disliked him if he was green, white, tan, or mauve and did the same damn thing.

In the news this week also, equally disgusting—the vacation plans of the White House.  Apparently the First Girls are skiing. Biden plans on going golfing (again).  This makes for several trips this year for both the Presidential family and the Vice President.  In light of the burgeoning debt, sequester and North Korea threatening war, oh lets just go play a round of golf, send the girls off skiing and plan a yoga party on the White House lawn for Easter, to show everyone how healthy we are for Easter.  At whose expense??? OH yes… the taxpayer…

Speaking of taxpayer money.  I guess it’s the week to disgust me, which is most weeks lately when I read the news.  I was watching this video in horror.  Makes you wonder how many babies are killed, after they have taken their first breath?  Give the fact that Planned Parenthood states they consider life having started after a child has taken their first breath, it surely makes you wonder… She doesn’t know——-come on.  For the millions of dollars of tax payer money, I want to know. 

Until next time…


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