U.N. and the local fluff-holding hands…. and the brain?

This headline was enough to make me sick:

U.N. passes sweeping international arms regulation viewed by some as Second Amendment override

Now given the fact the it would need to be ratified, and that would require a 2/3 majority of the Senate, who is in the Senate seat for your State needs to hear your voice.  If this doesn’t come up for ratification before the 2014 election, then the election will be exceedingly important.  Looking at history, voting history and their donors.  Speaking out as constituents will be excruciatingly important.  Now is not the time to be low information voters or one of the people who says, it doesn’t matter what I think.  Complacency… is not a luxury we can afford anymore.

Speaking of local fluff, not that any of this will matter much, it’s really just costing city planning commission time, beefing up lawyer fees and giving publicity to the VFA member here in town.  Whose argument is really quite a joke.  If he did not want to live in an area that gun ownership was prevalent I can think of a few places for him to relocate LOL, CT, CA, NY to name a few.  Head on over buddy, we’ll throw a party and I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms.  (pun intended) haaaaaaaa.  The VFA member roster in Alaska is all of four members, so 4 members (statewide) is holding up a gun range construction permit.  There are only 2 members in Juneau of VFA.  Go on with your bad selves now… scurry on, peace be with you brother.

A measure that will be under heavy fire is the latest ploy by Democrats to mandate liability insurance by all gun owners.  Come on now.  At some point there will be a tipping point for Americans, the people that go about their daily lives, work hard, own a gun or 5, who are law abiding citizens who get tired of being treated like criminals for no damn good reason.


Now I can see the reactionary gun control legislation in CT, although that is NOT the answer–clearly.


I so had to fix that meme, the one that was passed around was spelled wrong.

I am all for finding ways to be safer, but this attacking the American citizens who are NOT breaking any laws, who have no record, who are not a threat EXCEPT to a tyrannical government or an attacking criminal–very little difference in the two.

Oh, no tyrannical government you don’t say?  What about this?  Seriously?  There is obviously a show that the government is on a gun grab or planning on handling civil unrest.
You don’t need that much shit for training—you do not need hollow points to train—I call bullshit.  Write your Senator AND your House Representatives.  They need to hear what you think about these topics.  Now is not the time to sit idly by and think others will do it for you, or your voice doesn’t matter.

Speaking of thinking… Obama wants to spend 100M to map the brain this next year.  I seriously do have some questions about this though.  Is it for the purpose of medical treatment?  But seriously, can we afford, as a country, to spend this kind of money—any more than we can afford to send billions or millions of dollars to foreign countries when our very own country is in such bad shape?  Let China send them the money directly I say.  Enough already.   Map the brain when we have had a chance to gather our (our politicians) senses, our currency is not on the brink of being de-valued as the world reserve currency.

Until next time…


2 responses to “U.N. and the local fluff-holding hands…. and the brain?

  1. Excellent and so correct on every point !

    • Thank you. Unfortunately there are so many people who believe that we can all just sing Kumbaya and take away all guns and the violence in the world will cease. Wrong. No criminals will give up their guns. Violence will still occur and there will be mass murders. It is not the guns that make a mass murderer, it’s the society in which we live that condones and idolizes violence from video games to movies, debasement on every level of society and people scratch their heads and wonder what went wrong? It’s the complete and utter disregard that most people go around with, these days, for human life, for honesty and so many just live their lives fulfilling the lower level of Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs, their “What’s in it for me” is how they go through their days. The lack of belonging, sense of self and a sense of connectedness to society-or even a higher power limits their ability to achieve much more than their own instant self gratification, where all else doesn’t matter. Everything else, well it just sounds good, so we should do it right? Green this, and green that—polar ice caps, ban all guns, if the almighty O is suggesting it, it must be good, because he surely wouldn’t lie to us, right?

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