The Growing Divide

Our country has been polarized before. This is nothing new.  We can look back through history and find times where divisive issues have wreaked havoc upon our nation, just think back to: Revolutionary War, Civil War, , the Civil Rights movement, Vietnam—just to name a few.  We are currently in a time of such division that I can’t think of anything, except an all-out attack on our country that could bring us together.  barAnd even then I am not sure that it would be the glue that binds us, sadly.  In the past it seems that something big had to happen in order to bring us back to center and standing together.  But why do we have to wait for tragedy?  I mean you will not get what you don’t ask for.  We need to start holding the bar higher.

So many times before our country has been divided on issues.  But this divide just keeps growing and is becoming a chasm.  The divide is reaching further andchasm further and bleeding into other issues.  Just the other day I saw a headline that a national news media person stated that rural America is a “core threat” to our democracy.  Now if this is not an us vs. them type of mentality at its best I have no idea what is.  The issue was rural America having the electoral influence as the heavily populated states and cities.  The cohesive “We are Americans” is faltering.  And I blame it mostly on liberal ideology.

The focus on labels and “making things fair/redistribution of wealth” has been a detriment to our society.  There is a growing racial divide that no one wants to talk about very much except to point the finger at white people.  I am an Alaskan Native mix (both white and native).  I have the ability to see both sides of the coin here and I can tell you that I am disgusted with the behavior of people these days.  The news headlines are constantly filled with racially based zingers that any editor of integrity should not publish, we do not need to encourage more racial divide in our country.  We have enough.  Just recently a professor went on national news to discuss his article and whether or not his children (black) could be friends with white kids.  This really sickened me.


Had the tables been turned and a white person got on the air and defended his article “Can my white kids be friends with your black kids” the outrage would have been horrific.  They would have called to an end of his tenure—until he lost his job.  He would have received death threats at work, home, and his family would be subject to the worst sorts of behavior.  But given that he was talking about white people, it was “acceptable” to print.  What makes it okay to be racist towards white people? I am half white, married to a white man, with a white father and an entire half a family who is white.  Do I shun them because I am also native?  We need to demand equal treatment, hold the same standards no matter the race.  I have long hated the fact that there is such a different standards for people of color.  Allowing this just foments more racism.

You see the problem here is that our country has given a pass to certain types of behavior as long as it is supported by a certain ideology—and condemns others based on their beliefs.  I believe we as a society need to draw a red line in the sand.  This is not something we can waiver on.  This adversarial, hostile and bigoted mentality has to go—on any side.  To If you find it acceptable in one scenario but abhorrent in another—you are the epitome of a bigot. 


Maybe it’s time people started checking their own selves for bigotry.  Morgan Freeman said it best when talking about racism, “Stop talking about it.” This constant attack on one thing/person or the other is nothing but keeping racism, class warfare, bigotry and our country down.  We live in America the land of opportunity (no micro-aggression there, seriously-if it were not the land of opportunity, then why do we have we not had people flocking to enter our country?), where you alone are responsible for your success.

People need to quit blaming white people, corporations and anyone else they can on their misfortunes. Life is not fair, it was never meant to be fair.  How we chose respond and live our lives is another story.  You alone are responsible for your success, your conduct and your choices.  Are you down with ending the double standards? What do you chose?

Until Next Time!

Marcy Sowers


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