Native Conservative-Talks About Enemy of the People

6D311A6E-BA78-4EB3-907F-52F78ADFAE3F.pngWhile I would agree with just about everything Erickson stated in his article run on 08/18/18 in the Daily Wire titled “Erickson: The Press As An Enemy” there is one point I would contend. “The truth is the American press is not the enemy of the people, but is its own worst enemy.”

I believe this to be a partial truth.  The fact is yes, they are their own worst enemy. But the very first segment about being an enemy of the people I would disagree. 

When we look at the basis of what journalism and news should entail, it should be a unbiased accounting of events or facts shared with the people. There are very few true journalists left. What we have are an entire gaggle of political pundits, propaganda pushers of either persuasion, and sadly the dramatics and the breaking story wins. It’s not accuracy, no consideration as to whether a story can have implications on life or death. It’s just run with it -come what may as long as we get the most clicks, best ratings. Hell I don’t care if my source is full of crap—because this!! This story helps further the political agenda I want!!! My God!! Sure I issued a correction. But people won’t remember those. They’ll remember my headline.” 


People wonder why Trump won. It’s because he calls things  as he sees it and people love it! Because they are sick and tired of the onslaught. Honest to goodness journalism and reporting is refreshing. Being blunt and forthcoming about one’s intentions is very appealing. Why do you think people like Ben Shapiro, Diamond and Silk, Candace Owens, and Jordan Peterson. They are reaching the masses but not just reaching them- they are inspiring them. They speak from the heart, they don’t hold back and they are like many of us saying the thing we all want to say  or saying the things we want to hear.  Sure some are intellectual dynamos  but more important is the fact they are sincere and they speak from the heart.

But I digress. So how are the some of the press the enemy of the people? Some are clearly the enemy of the President, our commander in chief.  It doesn’t take but a minute to see what the political bent of a newspaper is. Heck they recently  launched a coordinated editorial attack against him.  Ever he was elected  there has been more negative coverage than positive to the point of absurdity. While a President doesn’t need glowing reviews they fail to report on his success and beat a dead horse that honestly most at this point doubt even was ever a horse! The headlines might as well all be the same. They all scream the same glaring things.

Never in my life have I seen the intensity of hatred of a President been so pronounced and it has bled into anyone who supports him.3888BFD0-64C8-4211-A4A7-736079A0B3D9 I believe the surprise and shockwaves felt in the newsrooms around the country on Election night were the beginning. At first they said how could we have missed this so badly? We didn’t listen to the people. And they aren’t listening now. 

They are continuing with their plans. A fundamental transformation of America. It was clearly rejected by the people in 2016.  Yet the push goes on. Against the will of the people. The mainstream media, for the most part, is an arm of the left wing and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or dim. Sure there are moments of objective journalism in the nightly news or across ones screen, but they grow fewer and and far between.  Its an ideological war we are watching. Waged on our televisions, screens and phones. The five-star generals are the editors, the television political pundits and journalists are majors and we civilians are the infantry. We are engrossed in a civil war of sorts. Not fighting for land but for beliefs. The division is so vast the ability or willingness to compromise or even debate has been lost. The first reaction to a person of ideological difference culture evere is now violence. We have Antifa calling friends or bullets for conservatives. That is the enemy of the people. 

We have black conservatives accosted having breakfast. There is no meaningful discussion; we see left wingers blowing whistles in the face of a black conservative woman simply for speaking her mind. That is the enemy of the people. 

What would Martin Luther King say to that scenario? How disgusted would he be? I would think he fought for rights only to see people who say they support those rights make a mockery of them. That is the enemy of the people.  I was just told on a twitter post the I was “supporting racism” because I supported the confirmation of Bret Kavanaugh. Now I fail to see the correlation between supporting a constitutional conservative judge who will interpret not exercise judicial activism and racism. I get called so many names by Democrats. Truly disgusting names and horrid things all for my conservative beliefs. If I were espousing left-wing beliefs I’d be a friend. An ally!  This is the party of Diversity? Tolerance? Inclusion? I also just saw a black person post this:

“Not one Republican called me an “Uncle Tom”.

Not one Republican called me a “coon”.

Not one Republican called me a “sellout”.

Not one Republican called me a self-hating racist, or a bigot, or a homophobe.” – David, #WalkAway 🇺🇸

This couldn’t be more true for me as well. But you can insert Native for Black. The people that say these horrid things—-these are enemies of the people. These are not American ideals. 

Governor Cuomo has said America was never really that great. Even with all of our flaws, America has been the shining beacon that many have flocked to, looked to for help and aspired to be like. Now I can say with a certain heart that I’m proud to be an American. Like every country (human) we have things in our history that we look back on and realize that was *not* our shining moment. I believe we are going through some of those now. When we have sitting governors, senators, entertainers and people of influence calling for harassment, beckoning and if not calling for it-gleefully clapping their hands at violence towards those that simply do not think the way they do. 

In my life and in my family history I have first hand what happens by using violence and forcing someone else to think differently. By shoving a different culture and ideology down the throat of another so to speak.  My grandmother was a small girl when she was taken from her village and brought to a boarding school. She was beaten for speaking her native language, wearing her native dress, eating her food. When we see the death of our culture it is a heart wrenching thing. But our grandmothers wanted to make sure we fit in. I see a resurgence now of culture and that warms my heart. I see other minority groups calling for reparations for things transpired hundreds of years ago and treating whites with hostility because of something their ancestors did. Not one person alive is responsible for what happened to my grandmother. And honestly if they were-what would I do? Beat up an old person? My grandmother taught me to be a forgiving and caring person. That is not what growth as a human being is all about. 

I see the hatred in so many people these days. Full of vitriol and angst at a whole segment of the population. This is the enemy of the people and if the press is party to it then they are complicit and engaged in a war. This war, the war of ideals has been going on for thousands of years in other lands. We have just added our own. 




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