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IRS and Fat Camps

So I am wondering a few things.  Will the IRS now be the collector of proof of Indian Blood. So I will have to show to the IRS my CIB (Certificate of Indian Blood) as well as those for my children.  Are they going to cross check the BIA rolls?  I wonder how many are trying to falsely get their CIB now?  Will I have to every year prove I am a native with every tax return or will once be enough?

Have you ever seen a BIA CIB?  I sure as S%^# hope that they are cross checking with the BIA and tribes to verify enrollment.  Will there be a sudden surge of Indian identity theft or outright falsification by thugs trying to avoid the “tax”?  I wonder if there will be a sudden surge in folks claiming that they are Amish?

I wonder what Elizabeth Warren will do?  Will her cookbook suffice as evidence enough?


Gee, I wonder what other proof they will require from us?

It is my understanding, I could be wrong… that the US Preventative Task Force will determine what is covered care for preventative services under the new health care plan.

The U.S. Preventative Task Force updated their website in June to show:

Release Date: June 2012

  • The USPSTF recommends screening all adults for obesity. Clinicians should offer or refer patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or higher to intensive, multicomponent behavioral interventions.
    Grade: B Recommendation.

Furthermore their fact sheet goes on to say:

“Obesity is a very serious health problem in the United States, and in the past 30 years, obesity rates have dramatically increased,” said Task Force member David Grossman, M.D., M.P.H. “The good news is that even modest weight loss can reduce health risks for people who are obese. And, there is strong scientific evidence that shows that intensive programs with 12 to 26 sessions in the first year can help people manage their weight.”

So will this be the start of fat camps?  What if you don’t listen to the recommendation?  Who will run these fat camps?  They will be covered by preventative care, is this a one time deal?  What if you gain the weight back?  What if you don’t lose weight?  Will there be any penalties or consequences (aside from the obvious health associated risks)?


Will individuals with PCOS and thyroid conditions be exempt from the fat camps?  Oh I just imagine the flow charts to manage our care will be endless!

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SCOTUS Decision, War on Women and Indian Healthcare?

I haven’t written in a while, mostly I think because I have been disenchanted and just reading the news instead of writing about it.

I read some interesting things today.  One of the most interesting things I read came from a blog from fellow Alaskans.

“Today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act means that critical new benefits for women remain intact.”

The writer lauds this:

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest released a statement this morning stating that under today’s ruling, millions of women will have access to birth control without a co-pay starting in 2012—protecting their health, making their reproductive choice more affordable, and reducing infant mortality rates if and when they do decide to have children.

What I don’t get, is how this reduces infant mortality rates?  If anything to me this sends the message that it’s okay to go out and get jiggy with it.  That it is the right of everyone, including young teens to go have sex, and it’s their RIGHT to have contraception provided to them by the tax payers.  It doesn’t say anything to me about personal responsibility, like “Hmmm I can’t afford condoms, and if I got pregnant now I wouldn’t be able to afford the baby either.  I guess I better not fool around.”  But let’s get back to infant mortality rates…

I guess it all depends on who you consider an infant. You see, at Planned Parenthood they don’t consider an unborn child an infant who could be considered in their mortality rates, because it hasn’t taken it’s first breath yet.  So the babies that are slaughtered in their clinics under the term “abortion” can’t be counted in the mortality rates, now could they?

Most medical authorities, including Planned Parenthood, agree that it becomes a baby after birth when it takes its first breath.

Guess a beating heart doesn’t count?  I saw this on Facebook and totally agreed with it.  What do you think?


Yet others have blogged about, and I agree with them, then why on earth could a person who murders a pregnant woman be charged with double homicide?  I guess it just depends on who decides when life starts?

Speaking of who decides things.  I was doing some reading on the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force.  Which will determine preventative care under Obamacare.  Now lets just see how this fares in regards to women…

Summary of Recommendations

Screening Men
Screening Women at Increased Risk
Screening Young Men and All Women Not at Increased Risk

Now… did you notice that they only recommend screening WOMEN 45 and older IF they are at increased risk?  But they recommend screening MEN age 35 and older.  YET… the CDC itself states:

Heart disease and stroke are among the most widespread and costly health problems facing our nation today, even though they are also among the most preventable. Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death for both women and men.

And I did a bit more research on this matter.  I found this little bit of info:

MYTH #3: Only older women have heart disease.

TRUTH: Heart disease threatens all women, even those as young as 30 and 40.For example, the rate of sudden cardiac death of women in their 30s and 40s is increasing much faster than in men their same age—rising 21 percent in the 1990s.[2]

So where is the outrage on the war against women?  *crickets*

The U.S. Preventative Task Force also does not recommend teaching women to do a monthly self breast exam anymore.  Yet has this to say:

“New guidelines recommending that women not perform breast self-examinations (BSEs) could seriously endanger women’s health and lead to later detection of cancers in some women,” says Marisa Weiss, M.D., president and founder of and a leading breast cancer oncologist. “These guidelines do not reflect a new point of view, but they are still very bad advice.”

So if you want to consider the SCOTUS decision a win… a victory if you will, for women.  I think you are misguided.  If you want to consider it a win for the American people I think you are also wrong.  Our debt cannot bear the burden of such a program first of all.  Secondly, the system will become overwhelmed with people seeking their FREE care for things that they might not have gone to the doctor for.  When it becomes “FREE” clinics will be full of people seeking care for every little ache and pain, clinics will be overwhelmed triaging real medical necessity and the “cough cough” ill.  The providers will become jaded, begin to treat every patient as a “cough cough” patient and before you know it your FREE healthcare really sucks.

Just have a go at Indian Health Services if you don’t believe me.  Just say you are from Elizabeth Warren’s tribe, worked for her, should work for you right?  No need to show ID or proof here, right?  So, if you could get into IHS care, you might find that it’s not all that it’s what it’s cracked up to be, this free healthcare, and a lot of real illness get overlooked or missed, a lot of “cough cough” illnesses see to destroying providers ability to give two *coughs* and some people even end up dead.  But no ones complaining about that now are they, because it’s all free right?  Oh wait, complaints might be made but they fall on deaf ears.  Besides, there is not a big enough constituency of these IHS recipients to make a difference in the polls anyhow.  I guess when it is the general populace the constituent pool would be bigger, but we aren’t looking at that now are we??

Begich’s Reply – The best Deem of ALL! MUST READ!

Yet another testament how the elected are NOT listening to their constituents.

Wonder what Obama and his ilk promised him?  Either he got a sweet back room deal or he is absolutely brainwashed by his party’s rhetoric.  Either way, he has no spine and is willing to sell out Alaskans and Alaskan Constitutional Rights to the Obama movement to socialist America.

March 19, 2010

Dear Mrs. Sowers:

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing Alaskans opinions, both pro and con, on this important issue.

As of this letter, the Senate reform bill awaits final action in the House. It is my hope Congress will incorporate the best ideas, no matter where they come from, and move forward soon with a comprehensive bill. I have already shared my thoughts on what Alaska needs with Senate leadership.

We must act. With reform delayed Alaskans are contacting me about health insurance premiums rising even more drastically. For example, the Anchorage property management company is seeing a 64 percent jump for family insurance policies this year. The Juneau nursing home is paying a 27 percent hike for 2010; when they shopped around the only other quote was for a 37 percent increase. Or the self-employed Alaska couple who couldn’t afford a 60 percent premium increase and instead raised their deductibles so high all they have now is a plan to cover only medical catastrophes.

The Senate reform bill I voted for will reduce the federal budget deficit. It will end the status quo of ballooning insurance and medical costs, patients denied coverage and families in financial ruin because of illness. Even healthy, insured Alaskans are being hit by a hidden tax charging them for medical costs incurred by those not covered.

The economy is stymied by these increases. Families have less disposable income. The majority of recently surveyed Anchorage businesses listed soaring health insurance costs as the number one barrier to growth.

My principles for reform are clear – providing Alaskans the security of:

o No discrimination for pre-existing conditions,
o No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays,
o No cost-sharing for preventative care,
o No dropping of coverage for the sick or seriously ill,
o No gender discrimination,
o No lifetime caps on how much care insurance companies will cover,
o Children eligible for family coverage until they turn 26.

The Senate-passed bill also reduces the deficit. Because the government is a major health provider, delivering care more efficiently significantly reduces outlays in years to come. The non-partisan budget office says the measure cuts federal spending by more than $100 billion over the next decade and up to $1 trillion in the second.

The Senate bill includes several of my amendments: a panel to improve federal health care in Alaska, increased loan forgiveness for thousands of new primary care providers and added funding for community hospitals. I also helped author a well-received cost-containment amendment that cuts prices for consumers, increases value and innovation in the health care system and saves hundreds of millions of dollars.

No one who supports reform is trying to win a popularity contest. I’m doing it because I firmly believe reform will help relieve the burden on hard-working families and businesses while reducing deficit spending.

Many components of the Senate bill are exactly what I talked about and supported during my campaign, and I will continue to work hard to make sure we finish the job. The stakes are too high not to move forward.

Thank you again for contacting me about health insurance reform. As the 111th Congress moves forward, please continue to share your thoughts.


Mark Begich
U.S. Senator

Begich attached two files to the email, one on on Health Reform Facts and an article from the LA Times.

Do I care? Do I believe the bull he is trying to pawn off on me? NO!

Why are insurance premiums so high? How about allowing people to buy insurance across state lines? How about providing some tort reform so medical providers don’t have to pay huge medical malpractice insurance and order tests they don’t feel are necessary? Why doesn’t he mention in here, that this horrid piece of legislation changes not only healthcare, the largest government takeover of all? But now they have rolled into it student loans, making the government the only source of student loans?

How many IRS agents do they figure in?

Well an article I found states this:

The IRS, the agency responsible for enforcing tax laws, will have to hire a small army of new employees to monitor the health insurance compliance of roughly 300 million Americans and collect the penalties imposed on those who don’t meet the health care bill’s individual mandate to carry health insurance. Some estimates put the number of new tax collectors at more than 16,000.

This is unreal.

Read on if you wish.

How will the IRS be involved in your healthcare?  What new power will they have if we let them continue on this power play of force?

The sickening thing is that the people that really give two %#@% about what is going on are not the kind of people to incite revolution and force the hand of the government to stop this nonsense.  But maybe we should be… at this point.  If half the people in this country  knew what they were in for.

Is their plan to “deem it passed” constitutional?  I think, not.  Read on from Edwin Meese III, former US Attorney General.

Quite possibly the BEST thing I have read today comes from Deroy Murdock and his article on National Review, here are the last two paragraphs!  PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, YOUR BLOG, YOUR EMAIL!  I deem it!  I LOVE IT!

Meanwhile, House leaders grow increasingly shady as they pound this legislative gruel down the gullets of the gagging American people. Team Pelosi may attempt to pass the Senate bill through a “self-executing rule,” whereby House members would approve a reconciliation proposal, whereupon Obamacare will be “deemed to have passed” the House without a pesky yea-or-nay vote. Pelosi praised this subterfuge: “I like it because people don’t have to vote on the Senate bill.”

If Obama, Pelosi, and other Democrats pull this scam, Americans should deny them the cash they crave. Come April 15, citizens should tell Washington that they “deemed to pay” their taxes, and then pocket their earnings.

Is that not just the most beautiful thing?  I deem my taxes have been paid…

Doctor! Doctor! on National Review Online

Doctor! Doctor! on National Review Online.

How so very true!!!  I loved what was said here!

This is blatant corruption at work, something I believe is unacceptable regardless of whichever party you affiliate with!  Are you okay with the corruption in the Senate?

A response from Begich

I recently wrote Mark Begich, one of the Senators representing Alaska.  This is his response to me:

November 11, 2009

Dear Mrs. Sowers:

Thank you for contacting me about health insurance reform and a public option.  I appreciate your sharing your thoughts regarding plans in Congress to address the complex issues of insurance and health care costs.  I believe health care should be accessible and affordable for all Americans and I am working with my colleagues to explore competitive health insurance alternatives.

It is important to recognize there are several varying proposals regarding providing public access to health care.  I remain open to ideas meeting the following goals:

o   Make health care coverage accessible and affordable to all Americans,

o   Contain rising health care costs,

o   Provide choice for all Americans, including the choice to keep the insurance you have if you like it,

o   Protect and strengthen small businesses,

o   Address our nationwide health care workforce shortage,

o   And make a serious, well-funded commitment to prevention and wellness.

The cost of inaction is far too high and maintaining the status-quo is unacceptable.  Medical costs are out of control and now tie up one-sixth of the national economy.  Without reform, by 2016 premiums in Alaska are expected to double which would consume 40 percent of the projected Alaska median family income.  I am looking closely at all elements of proposals allowing access to a public plan, as I intend to be a part of the solution – not someone standing on the sidelines looking for reasons to say no.

While I understand the importance of competitive alternatives, I also believe the decision to include a form of a public option in a health care reform bill should not consume the entire health care conversation.  There are many other important provisions in health care reform legislation. Insurance reform would provide Americans the security of:

o   No discrimination for pre-existing conditions,

o   No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays,

o   No cost-sharing for preventative care,

o   No dropping of coverage for seriously the ill,

o   No gender discrimination,

o   No annual or lifetime caps on coverage,

o   Children continue to be eligible for family coverage through age 26,

o   Insurance companies can’t refuse renewal because someone became sick.

There has been great progress towards a solution on insurance and health care reform. The House of Representatives passed its bill on November 7.  The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions and the Senate Finance Committees have passed their bills. Currently, Senate leadership is merging the two Senate bills to produce the strongest possible version of a bill to bring before the full Senate.  I look forward to the debate on the Senate floor.  Following the passage of a Senate bill, the House and Senate versions of health care reform bills will be reconciled.  I will fight for Alaska’s interest throughout these steps.

Again, thank you for contacting me.  I will continue to work with my Senate colleagues to make health care affordable, and will keep your comments in mind as I do so.

Mark Begich
U.S. Senator

So, I took the time on this day, Veterans Day, to respond.  This is a day we honor the men and women who have died for our freedom.  The least I can do is to speak out against the largest threat, to date, of American Freedom.  The “fundamental change” that is being proposed is indeed not worthy of what our soldiers, past and present, have laid on the line, lost in terms of life and comfort and stood up for.

Here is my response:

Dear Mr. Begich,

In response to your email, which was likely a canned response to those who are in opposition to the current legislation being reviewed, I would like a much more detailed response, addressing issues that you have outlined.

“The cost of inaction is far too high and maintaining the status-quo is unacceptable.”

The cost of the kind of change proposed by Nancy Pelosi is far too high.  I agree that the status-quo is not acceptable, but if this is the best thinking that can come out of the legislators at present then I would not be surprised to see many losing their seats next election.  Don’t maintain the status-quo, come up with something viable and efficient that does not bring about socialism in the United States.  There are 100 Senators, I am sure that you can come up with something that will not be an infringement on our constitution.  If this issue is so critical, take it to the drawing board and develop something which will remain true to our Constitution.  The cost of the proposed legislation will not only add hugely to the American deficit, reduce even further the value of the American dollar and leave us in a worse position than we are in currently in light of the bailouts.  Explain how this is acceptable.

“Medical costs are out of control and now tie up one-sixth of the national economy.”

Medical costs, are you speaking of Medicaid and Medicare?  This quite frankly is the biggest government takeover yet.  You agree to this?  Explain in great detail, how this will reduce the medical costs.  Explain in great detail how this will affect Alaskans.

“Without reform, by 2016 premiums in Alaska are expected to double which would consume 40 percent of the projected Alaska median family income.”

So if that is the case, what is the best way to reduce cost?  Bring government into it?  This is surely not a very cost effective means to addressing the issue, most government programs at best are lethargic and so caught up in the process of things that efficiency flies out the window.  What about changing the current laws that regulate insurance companies at present?  Allowing insurance companies compete with one another, allow them to insure people in other states is something to consider.  Tort reform is another essential piece, however I understand that your party receives enormous campaign contributions from trial lawyers-so is that the reason you don’t see tort reform as a viable option to help reduce medical costs?

Pharmaceutical reform might be another way to reduce costs.  Why is it that our pharmaceutical companies can sell medications in foreign countries for far reduced prices than the American people pay on American soil?  I wonder what portion of funding for the Democratic Party in total comes directly or indirectly from pharmaceutical companies?  Can you tell me?

“I am looking closely at all elements of proposals allowing access to a public plan, as I intend to be a part of the solution – not someone standing on the sidelines looking for reasons to say no.”

I am not asking you to stand on the sidelines saying no. I am demanding, as a constituent, for you to be part of the solution–a better solution than socialism in the United States.  If you cannot see that the current proposed legislation is socialist, then you are indeed not qualified to represent the Alaskan people.  If you do see this as opening the door to socialism in the United States and continue to regurgitate the canned responses and reasons for this “change” then you are even more unacceptable as a voice of the people.

Specifically in my original email, I asked you about the criminal consequences in the current legislation that your constituents would face, up to 5 years in jail and up to 250,000.00 in fines.  Tell me specifically what you think about that particular issue.  How exactly do you see the State of Alaska responding to criminalizing individuals who cannot or will not pay the government mandated premiums?  Are you prepared to imprison Alaskan citizens who do not believe in socialism and will not pay the premium?  How is this constitutional?  Fully explain your answer.

”I will fight for Alaska’s interest throughout these steps.”

Explain, in your own words, what is Alaska’s interest?  In fact, I would like you to have an open forum in the three major cities in Alaska (Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau) prior to you voting on any legislation that affects healthcare.


Marcy Sowers

Do your part today, write your Senators.  Write every politician in your area and out of your area.  Start your own Town Meetings and discuss and educate yourselves.  Do not stick your head in the sand, saying “I have coverage-It doesn’t affect me.”  This “fundamental” change they are proposing is unconstitutional and will not be ignored!  My voice will be heard.  Will yours?

Until Next Time!


Good Morning America…

Are you awake yet?

As I sit here drinking my coffee and reading what many people are saying around this country (apparently some of us are awake), I had an interesting discussion with a friend on Facebook.

This person, argues that government run healthcare is needed by some and that for basic things it is good.

I will share my experience with government run healthcare.  First of all, over the years I had to utilize a government run healthcare program.  Now, for basic things let me assure you it is not just “fine or good.”  I really do not believe that waiting 3 months for a mammogram is a “good” thing when you have a palpable lump.  Nor do I believe that it is a good thing to go to the doctor, who decides to run a urinalysis–the results come back positive for infection.  Is there a phone call?  Is there a letter in the mail stating–your results were abnormal, please come back in for follow up?  No!  There is a month later, when I was having severe back pain (kidney infection) the sarcastic tone from the random walk-in doctor combined with the sentence “Well, did you take all your antibiotics?”  Excuse me?  Which antibiotics are you referring to?  The ones you should have prescribed but did not???

One of my most recent experiences with the government run healthcare, was with my children was, taking them to the clinic with fever, cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea etc.  What did the provider tell me?  Well it appears your kids have “fever, cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea etc.”  NO SH%*SHERLOCK!   I asked for clarification, and got the same regurgitated answer of the symptoms I explained were present in my children.  Is that good enough?  Now, someone I know who took their child(with the same symptoms as my children) to their private practice doctor, was tested for H1N1 and treated accordingly.

Thank Goodness we have other options!  The other options are not exactly ideal, but honestly I’ll take them over the alternative.   Combine the benefits of quality care with freedom, I’ll choose that any day.  Not a perfect system, but it beats the alternative!

So the gloves are indeed off.  I am tired of listening to right wing liberals on televsion dictate, yes dictate, what they believe is best for me.  Great article on NRO:

So I spent the late evening writing every senator and politician in my state, as well as many senators from other states.  I have a feeling that every US Senator’s email inbox is overflowing.  At least I hope that is one of the many ways that people can voice their discontent and it is being used.  They need to know…how the American public feels about the decision that lies before them.

Write your Senator today!

I wrote Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.

Dear Senator Murkowski:

As one of your constituents I am writing to request that you vote against the recently passed House Bill 3962 once it arrives to the Senate.  Not only do I request you vote against it, but that you work diligently to ensure it does not pass the Senate.  Not only am I writing you, but I am reaching out to every one of your constituents that I can, to do the same.

I am not opposed to healthcare reform.  I am opposed to the solution that is being shoved down American’s throats.  If this is the best that America can come up with, then we truly are in a lot more trouble than it seems.  There are definite reforms that can be put in place to address healthcare issues.

I strongly oppose the mandated public option.  The individual and small business mandates remove the option of choice for Americans.  If you vote in favor of passing this, you are telling every American and Alaskan that you do not care for our freedoms.  Small business will be forced to make a choice, provide healthcare or pay the tax.  The tax in most cases will be a lot cheaper than providing the insurance.  Businesses will have to opt to pay the tax, the lesser of two evils, because as you well know our economy is not exactly blossoming.  Well, what does that leave the employee?  They are mandated to BUY the insurance themselves or face fines of up to $250,000.00 and up to five years imprisonment.

I work in a correctional facility.  This facility is already at capacity.  What is the State of Alaska going to do when people who can barely make ends meet now, get slapped with fines that will devastate them financially and then sit in jail?  You have seen the effect on the criminal justice system for the war on drugs.  The war is a noble idea, like the idea of health care reform that is presented in the pretty wrapping, only hiding the true problems.  California, for example is releasing 40,000 prisoners because of their burgeoning prisons and deficits.  What will Alaskan prisons look like if this passes?  Will you opt to build more to house the individuals that cannot pay?  Will the state bear that burden?  Will your constituents take to this lightly?

If we add a healthcare system that we begin paying on now but won’t see for a few years,  what will that do for our economy?  The American people are not naïve; we do not believe that this forced healthcare reform will not cause an even larger deficit.  What about waving the threat of imprisonment and huge fines at people whose wallets are thin and criminalize their inability to pay or their dislike of socialism in our country makes sense to you?  Now what?  The war on dissidents who refuse to buy into socialism?

What are you going to do Senator?  Tell me, are you going to choose the public option?  Wait, your healthcare is covered for the rest of your life.  While your healthcare option may be forever, albeit quite unjust, I can assure you that your spot in the Senate is not.  What are you going to leave as your legacy as a Senator?  Your father left the legacy of his jet to be remembered by.  Please tell me you will find within you the moral compass that points to the direction of the Alaskan and American people and not the senatorial stamp of socialism on the United States.

You can be assured that if you vote in favor of this piece of legislation and do not actively speak out against it—you will never have my vote again.

Your constituent,

Speak up!  Now is the time to voice your discontent.  Now is the time to speak to, email, write a letter (besides the post office could use a financial boost-imagine that, a failing federal program)!  Now is the time to meet as communities to unify and ensure that the Senate does not endorse socialism in these United States!

Until Next time!


America-Home of the Free and land of the Brave

As I sit listening to the House of Representatives I feel nauseated.

I understand that the current healthcare system in America is flawed.  However giving the government the reins to healthcare is not the solution.

In light of the current economy and the current unemployment rate 10.2% can you imagine small business and your friends and neighbors bearing the brunt of healthcare for all?  I currently cannot afford to pay for my neighbor’s healthcare!   Many American families are struggling as is, and now we are expected to pay for everyone?  I agree, there has to be a better idea on healthcare.  If the government used the bailout money directly into the hands of everyone who so passionately argues for healthcare, they would not only be able to afford healthcare but would give the economy a needed boost.   Expecting Americans to assume the responsibility of being “his brother’s keeper” when the very moral fabric of our society is ailing worse than the economy is insane.   Am I supposed to leave my healthcare in the hands of many Americans, many of whom I would not trust with my purse? And am I to entrust the government to make sure they do their job?  What part of losing freedom does not stand out?

Build jobs, how many jobs did they build with the stimulus?  Why is the unemployment rate still rising?  I listened to the news the other night and the person speaking about unemployment reported that people are taking temporary jobs and that is a good sign.   I beg to differ.  Plenty of people are taking temporary jobs or jobs at far lower pay rates than they expected, just to feed and shelter their families!  This is supposed to be a positive sign?  Good sign?  That makes no sense as a positive indicator.  It simply illustrates that the people who can, are doing something.

What about the person who applies at 50 jobs, and doesn’t get one interview, even though they are eminently qualified for the positions they apply for?  Well, maybe they take a temporary job (great indicator huh?), which delays them filing for unemployment.  And the rest, well… let’s just extend unemployment and stimulate the economy.  I heard today on C-Span a Republican state “Control a man’s purse and you control half a man, control his health  you control the whole man.”  So many are already dependent on the government for their basic needs.  The government was NOT created to take care of people.  The government was NOT created to ensure your personal needs are met.  The government was created so that YOU are able to maintain the freedom to ensure those needs are met.  When does personal responsibility factor in?  Because of the decline of our society lets just let government manage us for us, instead of getting back to the basics and fixing our society!  Is that the kind of mentality you want?  Do you really want to be dependent on the government teat for your sustenance?

You want real change, change I can believe in?  Start in your home.  Start in your neighborhood.  If you don’t like it–change it.  If you don’t like what your congressmen and senators are doing, show them your displeasure by speaking out, not just as one person but as a whole majority of constituents.  If you don’t like what I say then wait a while, at the current rate we will lose our freedom of speech too.  What does that mean to you?  Complacency has been the downfall here, complacency combined with ignorance.

Until next time!