White Men What????????? Bracelets and Babies… Oh my!

I was so disgusted when I saw this headline…. literally it made me sick.

Think about it.  If it was this:

Black people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Black fashion


Hispanic people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Hispanic fashion


Asian people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Asian fashion


Native people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly Native fashion

There would be race riots in the street, there would be demands for someone’s jobs, there would be violence and you can BE SURE that someoneeeeee would be attending a diversity class somewhere down the line because of the HATRED that was apparently still going on in the world.  GOOD GRIEF….. this shit don’t end.

I can’t believe that this is even condoned this day and age.  It’s just become acceptable for hate speech to white people.  I mean that’s the message that is constantly being sent out there these days.  I am really sick and tired of it.

White people who volunteer for Vista are supposed to now wear bracelets to remind themselves of their “white privelege”????? How sick is this?  Come on now… This is coming from a woman who is a as society would like to label me “minority woman.”  I am so sick and tired of the bigotry both ways that is being fueled by the main stream media and the Democrat party and liberals in general.  Don’t get me wrong.  I see plenty of racism on either side.  But I don’t ever see people losing their minds when it comes to racism towards towards white people, thats just okay.  The evil white people.  Make fun of them, make racist jokes abou them, slander them, make white people comments, talk about them in a negative fashion.  Get everyone to make them look at them in a bad light.  See, that reminds an awful lot of of when racism towards Jews was just okay.poster24I don’t tolerate racism on any level.  Black towards White, White towards Black, Native to White, White to Native, etc. the list goes on.  NONE of it is acceptable.  I get as equally disgusted at any person who dislikes Obama simply for his race alone.  I dislike him because I hate what he is doing to this country, not for the color of his skin.  I would have disliked him if he was green, white, tan, or mauve and did the same damn thing.

In the news this week also, equally disgusting—the vacation plans of the White House.  Apparently the First Girls are skiing. Biden plans on going golfing (again).  This makes for several trips this year for both the Presidential family and the Vice President.  In light of the burgeoning debt, sequester and North Korea threatening war, oh lets just go play a round of golf, send the girls off skiing and plan a yoga party on the White House lawn for Easter, to show everyone how healthy we are for Easter.  At whose expense??? OH yes… the taxpayer…

Speaking of taxpayer money.  I guess it’s the week to disgust me, which is most weeks lately when I read the news.  I was watching this video in horror.  Makes you wonder how many babies are killed, after they have taken their first breath?  Give the fact that Planned Parenthood states they consider life having started after a child has taken their first breath, it surely makes you wonder… She doesn’t know——-come on.  For the millions of dollars of tax payer money, I want to know. 

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IRS and Fat Camps

So I am wondering a few things.  Will the IRS now be the collector of proof of Indian Blood. So I will have to show to the IRS my CIB (Certificate of Indian Blood) as well as those for my children.  Are they going to cross check the BIA rolls?  I wonder how many are trying to falsely get their CIB now?  Will I have to every year prove I am a native with every tax return or will once be enough?

Have you ever seen a BIA CIB?  I sure as S%^# hope that they are cross checking with the BIA and tribes to verify enrollment.  Will there be a sudden surge of Indian identity theft or outright falsification by thugs trying to avoid the “tax”?  I wonder if there will be a sudden surge in folks claiming that they are Amish?

I wonder what Elizabeth Warren will do?  Will her cookbook suffice as evidence enough?


Gee, I wonder what other proof they will require from us?

It is my understanding, I could be wrong… that the US Preventative Task Force will determine what is covered care for preventative services under the new health care plan.

The U.S. Preventative Task Force updated their website in June to show:

Release Date: June 2012

  • The USPSTF recommends screening all adults for obesity. Clinicians should offer or refer patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or higher to intensive, multicomponent behavioral interventions.
    Grade: B Recommendation.

Furthermore their fact sheet goes on to say:

“Obesity is a very serious health problem in the United States, and in the past 30 years, obesity rates have dramatically increased,” said Task Force member David Grossman, M.D., M.P.H. “The good news is that even modest weight loss can reduce health risks for people who are obese. And, there is strong scientific evidence that shows that intensive programs with 12 to 26 sessions in the first year can help people manage their weight.”

So will this be the start of fat camps?  What if you don’t listen to the recommendation?  Who will run these fat camps?  They will be covered by preventative care, is this a one time deal?  What if you gain the weight back?  What if you don’t lose weight?  Will there be any penalties or consequences (aside from the obvious health associated risks)?


Will individuals with PCOS and thyroid conditions be exempt from the fat camps?  Oh I just imagine the flow charts to manage our care will be endless!

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SCOTUS Decision, War on Women and Indian Healthcare?

I haven’t written in a while, mostly I think because I have been disenchanted and just reading the news instead of writing about it.

I read some interesting things today.  One of the most interesting things I read came from a blog from fellow Alaskans.

“Today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act means that critical new benefits for women remain intact.”

The writer lauds this:

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest released a statement this morning stating that under today’s ruling, millions of women will have access to birth control without a co-pay starting in 2012—protecting their health, making their reproductive choice more affordable, and reducing infant mortality rates if and when they do decide to have children.

What I don’t get, is how this reduces infant mortality rates?  If anything to me this sends the message that it’s okay to go out and get jiggy with it.  That it is the right of everyone, including young teens to go have sex, and it’s their RIGHT to have contraception provided to them by the tax payers.  It doesn’t say anything to me about personal responsibility, like “Hmmm I can’t afford condoms, and if I got pregnant now I wouldn’t be able to afford the baby either.  I guess I better not fool around.”  But let’s get back to infant mortality rates…

I guess it all depends on who you consider an infant. You see, at Planned Parenthood they don’t consider an unborn child an infant who could be considered in their mortality rates, because it hasn’t taken it’s first breath yet.  So the babies that are slaughtered in their clinics under the term “abortion” can’t be counted in the mortality rates, now could they?

Most medical authorities, including Planned Parenthood, agree that it becomes a baby after birth when it takes its first breath.

Guess a beating heart doesn’t count?  I saw this on Facebook and totally agreed with it.  What do you think?


Yet others have blogged about, and I agree with them, then why on earth could a person who murders a pregnant woman be charged with double homicide?  I guess it just depends on who decides when life starts?

Speaking of who decides things.  I was doing some reading on the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force.  Which will determine preventative care under Obamacare.  Now lets just see how this fares in regards to women…

Summary of Recommendations

Screening Men
Screening Women at Increased Risk
Screening Young Men and All Women Not at Increased Risk

Now… did you notice that they only recommend screening WOMEN 45 and older IF they are at increased risk?  But they recommend screening MEN age 35 and older.  YET… the CDC itself states:

Heart disease and stroke are among the most widespread and costly health problems facing our nation today, even though they are also among the most preventable. Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death for both women and men.

And I did a bit more research on this matter.  I found this little bit of info:

MYTH #3: Only older women have heart disease.

TRUTH: Heart disease threatens all women, even those as young as 30 and 40.For example, the rate of sudden cardiac death of women in their 30s and 40s is increasing much faster than in men their same age—rising 21 percent in the 1990s.[2]

So where is the outrage on the war against women?  *crickets*

The U.S. Preventative Task Force also does not recommend teaching women to do a monthly self breast exam anymore.  Yet breastcancer.org has this to say:

“New guidelines recommending that women not perform breast self-examinations (BSEs) could seriously endanger women’s health and lead to later detection of cancers in some women,” says Marisa Weiss, M.D., president and founder of Breastcancer.org and a leading breast cancer oncologist. “These guidelines do not reflect a new point of view, but they are still very bad advice.”

So if you want to consider the SCOTUS decision a win… a victory if you will, for women.  I think you are misguided.  If you want to consider it a win for the American people I think you are also wrong.  Our debt cannot bear the burden of such a program first of all.  Secondly, the system will become overwhelmed with people seeking their FREE care for things that they might not have gone to the doctor for.  When it becomes “FREE” clinics will be full of people seeking care for every little ache and pain, clinics will be overwhelmed triaging real medical necessity and the “cough cough” ill.  The providers will become jaded, begin to treat every patient as a “cough cough” patient and before you know it your FREE healthcare really sucks.

Just have a go at Indian Health Services if you don’t believe me.  Just say you are from Elizabeth Warren’s tribe, worked for her, should work for you right?  No need to show ID or proof here, right?  So, if you could get into IHS care, you might find that it’s not all that it’s what it’s cracked up to be, this free healthcare, and a lot of real illness get overlooked or missed, a lot of “cough cough” illnesses see to destroying providers ability to give two *coughs* and some people even end up dead.  But no ones complaining about that now are they, because it’s all free right?  Oh wait, complaints might be made but they fall on deaf ears.  Besides, there is not a big enough constituency of these IHS recipients to make a difference in the polls anyhow.  I guess when it is the general populace the constituent pool would be bigger, but we aren’t looking at that now are we??

Abandoning Cain? HECK NO! I’d rather keep the Able!

I have watched, somewhat intermittently, the media frenzy over the sexual harassment allegations and GOP nomination hopeful, Herman Cain. I listened to Rush for a bit, who actually came to Cain’s defense, which was interesting because a few weeks prior it didn’t sound like Rush was pro-Cain. But I am sure he can’t stand the media slashing of him either. I don’t think anyone can stand it. I am even disgusted with people I ordinarily really respect, such as Jonah Goldberg a writer at NRO for writing this article: The Coming Cain Mutiny. He is dismissing Cain, already. He has basically acknowledged that the MSM has won and this character assassination has done its job effectively and there is no way that Cain can overcome this. Really Jonah? I also read Costa’s article. He is also giving up hope on Cain. I personally like the statement from the Cain campaign: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/282520/team-cain-stresses-allreds-celebrity-lawyer-reputation-bialeks-financial-difficulties- I have to give big Kudos to Katrina Trinko for her article, which doesn’t disparage Cain or start pounding nails in the campaign coffin. Great job!!!

This just came out a few minutes ago in the Chicago Sun Times. Apparently the latest accuser was at a Tea Party function where Herman Cain was speaking and actually hugged him and spoke to him. Now, if I were sexually harassed by someone, would I HUG him? I think NOT. Would you go hug your sexual harasser? Would you??? Really????? This just gives more credibility to Herman Cain and adds to the already lacking credibility of Gloria Allred and her client.

Given the fact that the attorney for the latest woman is Gloria Allred (vomit silently and resumes writing) I don’t lend much credence to the allegations. I think that if the GOP Presidential hopefuls were smart, they’d all stick together on this one, say-“Enough is enough, this is just the MSM having a field day with little much of nothing trying to discredit something that can defeat Obama.” It could have been any one of them. Romney, Good Ole Newt, Perry or Bachman herself. But they chose Cain because he was ahead in the polls. It’s the let’s just take him out at the knee and run when the zombies are coming trick, if you are a Walking Dead fan. But there is no doubt, we need a weakened GOP for Obama to be reelected right? Who wants to give them what they want?? NOT ME. Right now the GOP is in the “It’s all about me,” stage and who wants to be nominated. I know who I want to be nominated.

Now I understand that each one of them is trying to win the nomination. But there is a bigger picture here at stake. The numbers haven’t been lying. Cain has been ahead in most every poll. Why do you think they felt the need to fabricate something and run with it? 90+ stories Politico, with no sources? No, I don’t think so. Run something so wild and crazy and wait for some woman of ill repute to want her five minutes of fame. Don’t you think that is possible? What do you think of Gloria Allred and her credibility and ethics? Cain’s campaign is right, who is paying Gloria Allred’s fee?

Back to the bigger picture. This does not diminish my support for Cain. In fact, it simply reinforces it. I am tired of the MSM character assassinations. I refuse to let them influence my choice. Now if there were irrefutable evidence, a video of Cain being a sexual harassing pig, well that might change my mind. But we have had pigs run this country before, just think about the cigar smoking Bill. Why is it that Hilary is still standing tall? They didn’t assassinate her character, “HOW could you still be with that man after what he did, and all the LIES?” Oh wait, she is a Liberal. Never mind. Herman Cain is more than able, more down to earth and personable than the rest of the shady typical politicians. Just the kind of change this country needs to get back on its feet. The kind of leader people can believe in to do the work we really need to do, and boy do we need to work.

Mr. Cain has the kind of UMPF needed for the country right now. I don’t see that in any of the other candidates. I see in Mr. Cain the kind of belief in American exceptionalism, heck he has made that exceptionalism work in the companies he has led! He KNOWS what that means. I love that he supports Israel. I love his down to earth manner and his numbers driven sensibility. He is the kind of person I can and will vote for in the next election. He is a doer and he is a capable man who deserves more credit than some weak minded belief in the main stream media’s current vomitus, to protect the current regime and liberal agenda.

Hostile… A New Perspective.

I read this on Facebook today.  It really sparked in my mind this post and I just had to share it.

A 2nd civil war will errupt in America. Americans are very, very tough people. They didn’t beat the British, French and very hostile Indians not to mention the Mexicans, only to have a Rothschild sponsed war against themselves. Yes, push these people too far and you will see the real Americans come out! Only this time the Northerners and the Southerners will be fighting side by side.–Debra J Frank

I agree that Americans are tougher than they think we are. Me being an Indian (Alaskan Native and Caucasian to be exact), I kind of have to wonder about the very hostile part. It seems to me, that they were fighting for the rights that we (we as in Americans in general, the ones who care about freedoms), in current times are fighting for…
I guess the idea that they were very hostile, only gives light to how one might feel when their way of life is being *fundamentally changed* for them… I imagine that instead of viewing the Indians as very hostile, Debra might have a better understanding. Just as people are pissed about illegal immigrants flooding our borders, imagine how a Native American might have felt…

I think many will fight side by side for freedom. I am not saying what I am saying to be divisive. I am saying that it will be important to be very mindful to not allow the differences between us make us enemies fighting the same battle. Why do you think they play the race card so often? A divided people will not win.

The good news is I have FAITH that the people of America will win.

It will be hard.  I am reminded of the saying that “Nothing good comes easy.”  This will be hard.  Just as many things in life are not easy, but we know the reward for our hard work is worth it.  It may be hard to pull up the sleeves, to stand for your convictions in the face of someone saying that you are racist for not agreeing with politics of the current regime.  It will be hard to decide who is truly the enemy among us.  There is not differentiation of skin color.  There is no line of longitude or state line that divides us.  There is nothing except truly getting to the heart of someone and seeing what do they believe?

What are the common threads that are important? You know we all won’t agree on everything. What though, are we willing to unite on?

I urge you all to put aside the differences that can divide us.  To put forth the things that unite us.  To hold them high and stand in the face of difficulty.  Stand shoulder to shoulder with someone you might not have expected to in the past.

Stand with your fellow Americans in Arizona, Texas and California that want better border control.  How audacious of the Mexican government and Obama to be snubbed by Arizona’s law!  This fundamental change of ignoring laws, ignoring the needs of Americans and condemning anyone who upholds America, American Values and wants to preserve the nation and get back the American Exceptionalism.

I have compassion for the people of Mexico.  I am sure that I’d rather be here than there too.  BUT, do it the right way.  Go about it the right way.  Enter legally.  Become a citizen.  Speak our language.  If I had a say in it, you are NOT eligible for social security, government benefits until you have been here a specified period of time AND paid into taxes just like the rest of us.

The liberals/leftists/progressives might scream “Oh that’s not right, they will only make minimum wage!”  What about the American mother, with 2 kids?  She makes minimum wage…  I am sick and tired of this country’s “give me” mentality and lack of respect for our own people.  People used to make do.  They used to understand that it was through HARD work, determination and perseverance that the good things in life came to you.  Not via a government check because we all deserve it!

I went to a meeting the other day.  They were talking about the Medicaid and people being uninsured and woe about all the hoops that someone has to go through.  I felt like standing up and screaming “HOW many of you voted for Obama?  HOW MANY of you voted for Obamacare??? Don’t you realize navigating MEDICAID will seem like child’s play once his PLAN reigns supreme????”

I am all about compassion but you have to be healthy to be able to give.  You have to be strong in order to help.  Obama and his ilk are trying to destroy our strength and health as American people.  The fundamental change is at the door and people are seeing, “Hey, this is what he meant… ummmm wait a second.”  Suddenly people like Rush and Glenn are making more sense.

Stand united on the things that matter or we are doomed.

What do you think?

Until Next Time


Diversity Training – Apples vs. Oranges PT II

So yet another way that the “Diverse Origins” training irritated me:

During the training the facilitator discussed stereotypes.  All around the room she posted large post it papers and gave each participant a marker.  One the top of each page was one category of “disadvantaged” people.  She asked each participant to write one stereotype that is known about each.  So she elected to go over a few, and oh how I wish she would have chosen Alaskan Natives, since I was the only obviously native person there (that doesn’t mean I was the only one mind you)… but she did not.  She chose a few and People on Public Assistance  was one of them.  She asked the people who had ever been on public assistance or had a family member on public assistance to stand up.  Oh heck, let’s continue with the orange analogy…

Here is the poor disadvantaged orange, who accepted public assistance at one point their life.

The stereotypes and assumptions made by society could have been wrong about this orange.

Now the orange did not feel bad about having been on food stamps for a few months in it’s life, never even worried about it.  But… along comes this apple, who realizes that all these stereotypes exist and really must do something about it!

So the apple tells the orange.  I really am sorry that anyone might have ever felt any of these horrible stereotypes about you and I personally apologize for that.


The poor disadvantaged orange really needed to hear that (why??) so they could feel good about being an orange on public assistance at one point in their life.  Without it, they might have never felt good about themselves and would probably carry on this feeling of pain knowing that the others thought this of them.  They really were disadvantaged you know and thank goodness the apple came along to set things right for them or they might always feel terrible.

Oh please!  The minute this exercise was over I am sure my one eyebrow was raised and my hand shot up in the air.

First of all, unless the facilitator did something directly to me (was she the one spreading all those stereotypes?) I honestly don’t expect an apology from her.  Nor do I expect one from anyone at all.  I said that I did not feel an apology was necessary, not from her since she has personally never wronged me (aside from the assault of her left-wing thinking all day long).  And I do not expect an apology from society who might be perpetrating that stereotype.  Life’s NOT fair, not everyone will adore you, not everyone will think you are the Belle of the Ball!  GET OVER IT!  That doesn’t mean I excuse bad behavior.  If someone is treating me badly, you can be rest assured I will let them know. It’s my job to let them know that, if I fall short on that, I could choose to be a disadvantaged orange for the rest of my days or NOT.

I really don’t care what others think of me based on my race, fruit type, skin type, size, social class, age, color of my hair, my political views.  That in all honesty is THEIR PROBLEM, not mine.  I choose not to own that.  Some people I encounter might be prejudiced towards me because I am Alaskan Native *gasp*!  Now for example I went to the Capital City Republican Women’s meeting the yesterday and one couple at the table would not smile at me, and had a cold appearance and demeanor towards me.  Now, if I was feeling like the disadvantaged orange, the only Alaskan Native at the event and woe is me, they might not like me, I might have wanted to leave.  But… I did not.  I sat, I smiled and sure for a second I felt uncomfortable.  But I made the decision, it is them who really don’t feel good about something (I don’t know if it is me, who knows maybe they always look like they have just sucked on some lemons and aren’t warm and engaging to everyone) but I am not going to take on ownership of how they appear to feel.  If it is me, well then the heck with them.  I might choose to sit next to them at the next meeting too.  I will smile, be cordial and be myself.  Secure in myself.  If they move, well they look like the idiots.

So the next thing that really perturbed me was this glass ceiling and women’s salaries.  The facilitator talked about the disparity in womens salaries compared to mens, asked for the rate in Alaska.  I looked it up and reported it to be .74 on the dollar.  And my mind was not as quick as I would have liked it to be.  I didn’t say this but thought about it later.  (Mind you I had a bunch of disadvantaged orange bs all dang day and I really was on overload!)   Now that is really just not fair said the disadvantaged orange to the apple.  You make .26 cents more than me for every dollar!  I am hurt and ANGRY!!!

This is numbers spinning at it’s finest.  I had spent the past few hours opening my mouth and wish I had opened my mouth on this one.

Let’s just look at these:

Now I have lived in Alaska most of my life.  Sure there are women on the fishing grounds, in the oil fields, loggers, miners, construction etc.  However I’d be a dolt to say that a lot of women just are itchin to get out there and do the work that a lot of Alaskan (and some non-Alaskan) men do.  It’s not sexist, it’s not the world treating me in an inequitable fashion.  I (and I am sure other women) just don’t want to stand on the top of a tree, bottom of a mine or on the heaving, waved hammered deck of a boat.  Plain and simple.  Do I harbor ill will against the  men that do, because they are making more money than I am???  Please… A  lot of Alaskans have families that benefit from these high paying jobs.  All of these are not single men who run around waving their paycheck in the air in front of women, just to taunt them “Nanner nanner na nooo… I make more money than you do!”  Get real.  They are men with families. and a lot of families depend on these incomes, and for those that don’t have families, they often spend the money in our state (good for the state’s economy and good for me).  Get over this glass ceiling nonsense and quit spinning numbers!  It’s people like this that spin the numbers for the CBO and keep building this fire underneath the inequity pot.  Oh you poor disadvantaged oranges….

Bottom line, I am tired of the baloney that is constantly perpetuated.  The more energy we give the travesty and tragedy of the plight of the orange, the more oranges will be in despair.  See, the more in despair–someone can come in and rescue them and look like the good guys, (when all along tee hee they don’t realize it but they were carefully herded into despair mode) and then the plan to treat them the way they need to be treated will look really great!!!

Whose fruit stand do you want to be in?  Who do you want to drive the market for oranges?  I’d suggest you read the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  Placating the masses while you create a crisis and using it to your advantage!

Until Next Time!

Marcy Sowers

Diversity Training – Oranges vs. Apples

I had the opportunity to attend a Diverse Origins workshop today.

I have some very pointed comments to address what was presented.

First of all, as a minority and a woman (double whammy some might say, I really don’t give a crap–I am me) I am extremely tired of people highlighting differences in people.  With the intent of this training, to be more compassionate and understanding of others, why not focus on humanity vs. differences based on gender, race, sexual orientation, political views or disability etc.   To me, the differences are the same as the difference in fruit.

An orange is different than an apple.  Yet one could hardly argue the fact that they are both fruit.  You could sit and spin things in such a way that the poor orange, who maybe did not hit the fruit stand for a few years due to marketing problems, was so disadvantaged, that eventually the poor orange would play the victim role and for years bemoan, “I am but an orange and oh how I have suffered.”

Mind you, this is not making light of the plight of the orange.  The orange did suffer, and if I put the orange out on the fruit stand with the “Poor Disadvantaged Orange” sign above it, do you think it would sell better?  Do you think that one might feel obligated, not on the merits of the tastiness of the orange, but on it’s history alone , to buy it?  This does the orange NO justice.  Why not, put a sign up that says “SCRUMPTIOUS ORANGE!”  I guarantee you, not only would the orange feel better about being an orange, but pretty soon it would forget that at some point it was disadvantaged.  That’s not say the experience of being disadvantaged would be diminished.  But rather, the excellent feeling of being a scrumptious orange would be all the better.  One can’t get away from bad times, life being unfair or having bad interactions, but–if you cling to them as defining where you are right now (or for the rest of your life) and let them hold you back, then  you will never really get to be the scrumptious orange…. EVER.

So one of the best things I have heard about racism, comes from my favorite actor, Morgan Freeman.

The second thing that really disgusted me during this training was “The Platinum Rule” which states:

“Treat others the way they need to be treated”

WHO the hell could really agree with that?  First of all, I don’t trust many people enough to know how I need to be treated.  It is far too subjective and really quite dangerous.  WHO decides what is the “way” that people should be treated.  How much do you trust others to determine that?

My orange example, lets that that out a step further.  Let’s say I have an orange, who decided to push a thousand oranges off the orange truck to be squashed on the road.

One might say:

“That orange needs to be treated the same way, and take that orange and squash it on the road. In fact let’s just piss on him after too.”

Another might say:

“Aw heck lets just buy that orange and take him home, give him a nice spot on our counter until breakfast on Saturday.  That poor orange was so disadvantaged, no wonder he went wrong.”

Wonder what some might say, about how the people who were responsible for 9/11 “need to be treated.”  You can be sure that the answers you get would vary.  Just ask the mother of a son who died in a pile of rubble on that day… Ask a rescue worker who pulled broken and dead people from that same rubble… ask a soldier… ask a Muslim… ask a leftist….

Another problem, as highlighted in my “training” today… was, oh heck, let’s continue with the orange analogy…

Let’s say this disadvantaged orange was always wearing “armor” to shield itself from the really bad comments that it got, day in and day out.  But eventually the orange’s armor had a chink it it… and things worked their way through…  The orange went to 10 different places and each one of them, either overtly or inadvertently reminded it that it was really just a disadvantaged orange.  And when it got to the 11th place, and the checker did not put their change in their hand, but on the counter *gasp* instead.  Well, we have to remember the RAGE that the disadvantaged orange was suppressing, because the checker really didn’t do anything visible that was wrong.  But all the combined wrongs led the disadvantaged orange to a fit of rage.  My “training” facilitator empahisized this for what???  There was no focus on personal responsibility.

The orange is responsible for it’s behavior.  Regardless of how others treat you, you are responsible for your own behavior.  Even if someone is being “an idiot” or really rude, how you respond shows your character!  Personal responsibility is a value that is being diminished on a daily basis, especially in our present country and the current administration’s entitlement philosophies.

Now, honestly…. I am tired of people promoting diversity.  I am fully aware that there are differences and diversity in our country.  I am bi-racial and I refuse to check ONE box.  I mentioned melting pot, in one of my comments to the facilitator and she had the audacity (I am sure she has some hope and changey feelings too) to liken that to something derogatory.  I think of melting pot as we are all in the same “soup” and her perception was that we are boiled into uniform matter losing all our identity.  Come on–it’s how you perceive it.  They can turn the most innocuous thing into a theft of identity or rights by golly!

How about we just let fruit be fruit.  Humans be humans.  We know there are differences between individuals, but what it boils down to is that focusing on our differences really doesn’t do anyone justice–be it a person or an orange.

Thanks for listening!

Your questions or comments are welcomed!

Until Next Time!

Oh yeah, one of the training participants stated she was reading a blog the other day and that she realized something that had changed from the protesting of the 60’s.  That blogging anonymously was not the same, and how in their day if you were protesting something, you did it in person with your name and face attached.  How’s this?  (by the way, if you have read my blog at all you will notice I publish my name in my correspondence to my elected officials).  I guarantee you if you were standing in front of me, I’d be saying the same things!