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Mark Begich – A good representation for Alaskans? I think not…

I know we have had our fair share of incompetent and easily persuaded individuals in Alaskan politics.  Many of whom were looking out for their best interest and with their pockets lined by folks like Bill Allen.

Well I am not surprised to see this article in the Anchorage Daily News, Begich is in the spotlight for failing to disclose bugetary shortfalls to the City Assembly of Anchorage before he left office to serve our (that is loosely stated) State of Alaska as a Senator.   (Psst… Mr. Begich also received contributions from Bill Allen, just look for yourself it won’t take much, just click the link and you’ll see Mr. Allen’s name at the top of the page, as well as several other Allen contributors.  I could spend more time finding other pocket liners, but really you can figure that out for yourself.)

So, what makes you think that Mr. Begich will adequately evaluate AND effectively report whether or not the current proposed healthcare legislation will be financially feasible for our country?

By the way, Mr. Begich did not have the fortitude to write me back, answering my very pointed questions.  If he did not report to Anchorage’s City Assembly a huge bugetary shortfall, why would answer a constituent?  This really might indicate he was more interested in his own political position, as Senator, than the Alaskan people he served in Anchorage.

His first canned response and only email to me, stated that he would be serving in Alaska’s best interest.  Now before this news hit the stand I really had reservations that he was doing so, and believed he was more dedicated to providing and regurgitating the Democratic (need I see say socialist) jargon than he was to Alaska’s best interest.   I have even graver concerns in light of this news.  I believe the people of Alaska, Anchorage in particular, should be up in arms over this issue and his ability to adequately serve as a Senator.  Is he answering to the Democratic party or to Alaska???

I see a clear resemblance in his failure to disclose to the city of Anchorage and the current Democratic party failing to disclose the huge financial consequences of their current healthcare legislation.  Please write Mr. Mark Begich and let him know what you think.

I say, I am ready for a change I can believe in.  Are you?

Until Next Time!