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I did not call for…

I called Mark Begich’s office in Juneau this week.  I called to tell the dutiful aide, knowing that Begich would not be available to speak to, that I opposed the proposed healthcare legislation that Obama and the Democratic party were continuing to ram down the throats of the American people.

The dutiful aide asked what I, in particular, I was opposed to.  I asked him if he had a few hours.

I then proceeded to explain how I did not support the healthcare legislation.

The dutiful aide provided me with the standard leftist baloney and I just had to interrupt him.  I stated:

“I did not call to hear the democratic rhetoric, I called to tell you, as a constituent, I oppose the president’s healthcare legislation.”

I have been watching the news, reading articles and working with my children.

We watched Glenn Beck the other night, the topic was education and how the left has infiltrated the educational system and is trying to indoctrinate our children.

I am concerned.  I am very glad that my children do not see the way others in their generation see things.

Education is indeed a privilege and not a right.

My duty, as a parent, is to see that my children are educated.  I pay my local and federal taxes to ensure they are educated, but that’s not where my duty ends.  I am responsible for educating my children and for teaching them to question what they are presented with.  My daughter failed a test on climate change, she is a straight A student.  She doesn’t believe in Good Ole Al’s Global Warming.  Just like I don’t believe in government run healthcare!

I read a Facebook post by someone I know.  Who stated “??? I am native, why here in homer, i can not get free health care?? like nome or anchoarage?”

I wrote back, “Certain communities have health care services for native people. However, health care is never free, someone, somewhere pays the price!”

I have stopped attending the native clinic here.  The reason?  I get what I pay for.  Invest nothing, receive crap. I would only use that as a LAST resort.   Like welfare, which is meant to be used as a last resort.

Where’s my piece of the pie? I hear things like that all the time–it is unfortunately the message that is being thrown out there in overt and unseen ways.  The overall message reeks.  What happened to the world I grew up in?  What happened to strong moral grounds and dedication and hard work?

50 years ago, we earned it… with hard work and perseverance.   We did not get to be the greatest nation without elbow grease!  It wasn’t handed to us because we deserved it!  It was not our birthright!  It was a result of hard work.

We are not guaranteed a college education, healthcare OR happiness.  The pursuit of happiness is guaranteed by the Constitution.  We can work to achieve it.  The belief of so many these days, is that we deserve things to which the left wing wants us to believe, at the expense of the greatness of America.  I’d much rather live in a country where it is POSSIBLE to have good healthcare, to have the chance at making a reasonable living, the chance to live in a country with the freedom of speech, the right to vote and the pursuit of happiness.

I am tired of this world that accepts so freely the disgusting display of immorality, insincerity, unethical behavior and where duty is something that the government dictates, not the morals of society.

The rich don’t make the world evil, the big corporations don’t either.  The message that society has accepted and allowed has promoted the degeneration of our society.  Silence betokens consent.  Why are people not screaming about commercials that depict the prelude to a threesome, aired during prime time as the family watches a television show?  What parent thinks that is acceptable?

Commercials make me sick these days.  With a few exceptions.  The kind of commercials like the ones for values.com commercials are too few and far between.

We are losing our moral rudder.  All in the name of political correctness.  God is forbidden in schools, on buildings yet our government is protecting the terrorists that threatened our very lives?

I dream of a day that the moral compass of this country is righted.  Where hard work and perseverance can make a difference.  Where the word of a person is his/her bond.  Where the good nature of people kicks in, instead of the government telling us what we should all have, do, believe in and teach our children.

I did NOT call to be ignored and that message will be clearly sent next election day!

Until Next Time, tell me what you think!



Sunflowers in Siberia – Guest Writer Mark Sowers

Here is a piece written by my husband.  I am so proud of this man and love the way he thinks!  What do you think?

Climategate. Copenhagen. Al Gore. Greenhouse gases. The debate over climate change continues.

Allow me to offer a few thoughts on the matter.

There appears to be a dearth of news coverage regarding the hacked emails. This is news only in that there is no news. Unless you are a reader of publications such as National Review or The American Spectator, or a viewer of Glenn Beck, you probably don’t even know that there is some controversy. The slipstream media (as I prefer to call them, since most noteworthy news seems to slip by them) has utterly failed to cover the story, never mind investigate it. I guess they were too absorbed with fact-checking Sarah Palin’s new book. I understand no one fact-checked either of Obama’s two books… but I digress.

The Copenhagen events (how did chewing tobacco come to be named after a European city anyway?) were very telling. The thugs, strongmen, and dictators of the world’s’ “developing” countries, showed up, like they do at the U.N., with their hands out, wanting more and more from the “developed” world. I would be inclined to give it to them, were I confident that those fine, upstanding individuals who attended the climate conference would not simply confiscate any aid, er, I mean money stolen from European and American taxpayers, for their own self aggrandizement. Does anyone really believe that Robert Mugabe is going to see to it that any funds his country receives as a result of a worldwide climate resolution actually make it to his people? Or Chavez? Ahmadinejad? Of course not. The latter two will simply use anything they get for further repressing their people and  increasing their stores of arms.

The term “greenhouse gases”, makes me wonder a bit. Aren’t greenhouses something people use to grow plants? So let’s extrapolate a bit. If the planet is really getting warmer, and I for one don’t believe it is, then how about we look at how that might affect things. Isn’t it true that people all over the world are starving to death? Yes? Ok. Clouds bring rain right? Good, we settled that. If the world gets warmer, is it safe to say that there might be more clouds? More rain? That’s a possibility? Alright. Isn’t most famine caused by drought? Yeah? So if there are more clouds, more rain, then the droughts would be, theoretically, alleviated. Doesn’t that mean world hunger might become a thing of the past? Those in the “developing” countries might be able to “develop” the means to feed themselves, without aid.

Ice. I read somewhere that about 2% of the world’s water is contained in glaciers and ice caps. I highly doubt that all glaciers the world over will ever totally and completely cease to exist. Therefore I believe its safe to say that even if 50% of the glaciers in the world melted, wouldn’t we still have a full 1% of the world’s water contained in ice? Yes? I did the math correctly? Good. So what would happen if the level of the ocean increased by 1%? Would the tide rise another inch or so? Maybe 3 or 4 inches? Is that enough to completely inundate the Maldives? The entire Eastern seaboard of the US? I kinda doubt it. And wouldn’t some of that 1% increase be dissipated through clouds, rain, rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps, bogs, wetlands? Somehow I don’t see it all ending up in the oceans…

Good ol’ Uncle Al. Heard somewhere that Comrade Gore was worth somewhere around 4 or 5 million bucks when he left the office of Vice President. In the time he’s been gone, his net worth has increased to somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million. How did that happen? Could it be “green” energy investments? The ones he’s telling us all that we need so we don’t all just wither like a raisin in the sun. Also understand that he charges BIG bucks to give speeches. Hundreds of thousands just to talk. But its in his speaking contracts that he is not to be asked any questions by the audience that are not pre-approved by himself or his handlers. Anyone ever heard of censorship? Remember that whole flap about the Parents Music Resource Center some years back? The folks who wanted to put warning labels on records and cds to let parents know that here there be profanity? Remember who was the figurehead of that organization? Bet you didn’t guess correctly – it was the exalted Tipper Gore, crazy Uncle Al’s (is this debatable?) better half. Maybe censorship just runs in the family. Can I buy stock in censorship? I’d like to be worth over $100 million too, and I would be, if I could just hitch my “green” Radio Flyer to Crazy Al’s bandwagon. Hope he bought carbon credits for all the emissions we’re going to be blowing out…

So what really happens if the world is warming up? And hasn’t this happened before? Here’s what I really think. If you care. We have seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The temperature gets colder, then it warms up, then it gets cold again. Happens every year. You could write a calendar around it. Wait, sorry, that idea was already taken. Moving along. So it seems logical to me that if we have yearly seasons, maybe we have similar seasons as far as the worldwide climate is concerned. I recall in grade school, more years ago than I would like to admit, being told that we were still in an ice age. Now suddenly that’s all changed. The ice is disappearing and the world is turning into a blast furnace. Or maybe its just climatological summer. Whatever the case, there is one thing I’d love to see if the planet is getting warmer – Sunflowers in Siberia.

written by Mark Sowers

Please feel free to comment!  He’d love to hear what you think!

Until next time!


Link to a great article…

If this doesn’t burn your britches, then I just don’t know what to tell you… how about no mammogram until your 50?

Great article–as if you aren’t sickened enough!

Until next time!


P.S. Equal work means equal payyy mmm mmm mmm (that’s a far cry in this administration!  Well that depends on what you constitute work as–perhaps ruining the country with unsound economics, shaking hands and befriending malevolent dictators, pulling the wool over your sheep’s eyes and culling the herd!)  Oh yes, Mark Begich still hasn’t written me back.  Perhaps he is too busy trying to figure out how he should vote or perhaps he is slinking around Anchorage because he left the budget there in ruin–but likely he is having Wagyu steaks smelling orchids or hmm I wonder what Reid is serving up tonight? Mmmm Mmmmm MMmmmm…


Moose stew, is something that Sarah Palin is happy with.  I wouldn’t mind if she shipped some moose meat to the white house, provided she lives there.