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Take that you CRACKER!!!

Please read first:

Open Letter to the Three White Students Who Filed a Discrimination Complaint Against Their Black Teacher

I honestly have to say that I see a lot of hostility towards whites.  I see more racism these days than I have ever seen, rather sad.  If it were a minority who felt uncomfortable there would be a “diversity” training for all the parties involved…. and people would be screaming for some type of action.  I think it can’t be a one-sided type of argument.  And to say it’s okay for one group to feel discriminated against, to feel the classroom was a hostile environment—-and say it’s okay for them to feel like that because they haven’t been through the suffering that others have gone through?  That to me is a crock.  That’s eye for an eye and just plain wrong. 

Let’s make you white bastards squirm for all the crap that has gone on.  So these boys—lets just make them as uncomfortable as possible—yeah that’s the sure fire way to bridge the vast problems between races. 

“Because this is one classroom in your entire life. One speck of discomfort in an ocean that is your life of privilege. Because white supremacy dictates that your skin — and let’s not forget your maleness — will make things fundamentally easier for you than for a person (and especially a woman) of color. That feeling of being on the spot? Of being defined by the color of your skin? Of being blamed for things that other people of your color do, even if you have not done them yourself? That’s not a classroom for people of color. That’s life. There’s no walking out of class. There’s no transferring to a different professor. There is only more of the same, with the hope that dialogue, education, and activism will pull the collective ostrich head from the ground, bit by bit, until that structural racism that you don’t like talking about is eradicated.” 

So, assuming they have had an easy life (based on the color of their skin) is racist itself.  I think the whole article really fumed me.  It’s thinking like this that makes me want to vomit.  NO ONE deserves to be treated badly due to their skin color and justifying it in any way shape or form and saying that those boys should just endure because of their white privilege is ridiculous.  I am tired of fueling racial divide and fires. 

Making a generalization about what these young Caucasian boys have been like (white privilege blah–dee-fuckin blah keep saying it so you feel better about how you treat people?) Racism against whites is practically condoned these days and I am quite sick of it.  I see so many times where the news is slanted.  A black is slain by a non-black and everyone is in an uproar.  A white is slain by a black and it barely makes the news AND the attacker’s race is not mentioned.  A white baby is shot in the face by some blacks and there is NO HUGE outcry.  There has been so much focus on race and making white people look bad that

The author talk about people pulling their ostrich head out of the ground, bit by bit.  I see so many minorities with their heads in the damn fucking sand—-just as well.  I am tired of seeing racist and bullshit comments on either side of the fence to condone one side behaving poorly while condemning another is the epitome of BIGOTRY.  Knock that shit the hell off. 


Value and love one another for being human beings—it’s simple.  SCREAM about skin color—keep it up.  You make it about race.  The author is a fool for swallowing liberal ideology and would probably be one of the sheep that would wear a wristband to remind himself daily of his white privilege.  

Enough already…


Diversity Training – Apples vs. Oranges PT II

So yet another way that the “Diverse Origins” training irritated me:

During the training the facilitator discussed stereotypes.  All around the room she posted large post it papers and gave each participant a marker.  One the top of each page was one category of “disadvantaged” people.  She asked each participant to write one stereotype that is known about each.  So she elected to go over a few, and oh how I wish she would have chosen Alaskan Natives, since I was the only obviously native person there (that doesn’t mean I was the only one mind you)… but she did not.  She chose a few and People on Public Assistance  was one of them.  She asked the people who had ever been on public assistance or had a family member on public assistance to stand up.  Oh heck, let’s continue with the orange analogy…

Here is the poor disadvantaged orange, who accepted public assistance at one point their life.

The stereotypes and assumptions made by society could have been wrong about this orange.

Now the orange did not feel bad about having been on food stamps for a few months in it’s life, never even worried about it.  But… along comes this apple, who realizes that all these stereotypes exist and really must do something about it!

So the apple tells the orange.  I really am sorry that anyone might have ever felt any of these horrible stereotypes about you and I personally apologize for that.


The poor disadvantaged orange really needed to hear that (why??) so they could feel good about being an orange on public assistance at one point in their life.  Without it, they might have never felt good about themselves and would probably carry on this feeling of pain knowing that the others thought this of them.  They really were disadvantaged you know and thank goodness the apple came along to set things right for them or they might always feel terrible.

Oh please!  The minute this exercise was over I am sure my one eyebrow was raised and my hand shot up in the air.

First of all, unless the facilitator did something directly to me (was she the one spreading all those stereotypes?) I honestly don’t expect an apology from her.  Nor do I expect one from anyone at all.  I said that I did not feel an apology was necessary, not from her since she has personally never wronged me (aside from the assault of her left-wing thinking all day long).  And I do not expect an apology from society who might be perpetrating that stereotype.  Life’s NOT fair, not everyone will adore you, not everyone will think you are the Belle of the Ball!  GET OVER IT!  That doesn’t mean I excuse bad behavior.  If someone is treating me badly, you can be rest assured I will let them know. It’s my job to let them know that, if I fall short on that, I could choose to be a disadvantaged orange for the rest of my days or NOT.

I really don’t care what others think of me based on my race, fruit type, skin type, size, social class, age, color of my hair, my political views.  That in all honesty is THEIR PROBLEM, not mine.  I choose not to own that.  Some people I encounter might be prejudiced towards me because I am Alaskan Native *gasp*!  Now for example I went to the Capital City Republican Women’s meeting the yesterday and one couple at the table would not smile at me, and had a cold appearance and demeanor towards me.  Now, if I was feeling like the disadvantaged orange, the only Alaskan Native at the event and woe is me, they might not like me, I might have wanted to leave.  But… I did not.  I sat, I smiled and sure for a second I felt uncomfortable.  But I made the decision, it is them who really don’t feel good about something (I don’t know if it is me, who knows maybe they always look like they have just sucked on some lemons and aren’t warm and engaging to everyone) but I am not going to take on ownership of how they appear to feel.  If it is me, well then the heck with them.  I might choose to sit next to them at the next meeting too.  I will smile, be cordial and be myself.  Secure in myself.  If they move, well they look like the idiots.

So the next thing that really perturbed me was this glass ceiling and women’s salaries.  The facilitator talked about the disparity in womens salaries compared to mens, asked for the rate in Alaska.  I looked it up and reported it to be .74 on the dollar.  And my mind was not as quick as I would have liked it to be.  I didn’t say this but thought about it later.  (Mind you I had a bunch of disadvantaged orange bs all dang day and I really was on overload!)   Now that is really just not fair said the disadvantaged orange to the apple.  You make .26 cents more than me for every dollar!  I am hurt and ANGRY!!!

This is numbers spinning at it’s finest.  I had spent the past few hours opening my mouth and wish I had opened my mouth on this one.

Let’s just look at these:

Now I have lived in Alaska most of my life.  Sure there are women on the fishing grounds, in the oil fields, loggers, miners, construction etc.  However I’d be a dolt to say that a lot of women just are itchin to get out there and do the work that a lot of Alaskan (and some non-Alaskan) men do.  It’s not sexist, it’s not the world treating me in an inequitable fashion.  I (and I am sure other women) just don’t want to stand on the top of a tree, bottom of a mine or on the heaving, waved hammered deck of a boat.  Plain and simple.  Do I harbor ill will against the  men that do, because they are making more money than I am???  Please… A  lot of Alaskans have families that benefit from these high paying jobs.  All of these are not single men who run around waving their paycheck in the air in front of women, just to taunt them “Nanner nanner na nooo… I make more money than you do!”  Get real.  They are men with families. and a lot of families depend on these incomes, and for those that don’t have families, they often spend the money in our state (good for the state’s economy and good for me).  Get over this glass ceiling nonsense and quit spinning numbers!  It’s people like this that spin the numbers for the CBO and keep building this fire underneath the inequity pot.  Oh you poor disadvantaged oranges….

Bottom line, I am tired of the baloney that is constantly perpetuated.  The more energy we give the travesty and tragedy of the plight of the orange, the more oranges will be in despair.  See, the more in despair–someone can come in and rescue them and look like the good guys, (when all along tee hee they don’t realize it but they were carefully herded into despair mode) and then the plan to treat them the way they need to be treated will look really great!!!

Whose fruit stand do you want to be in?  Who do you want to drive the market for oranges?  I’d suggest you read the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  Placating the masses while you create a crisis and using it to your advantage!

Until Next Time!

Marcy Sowers

Diversity Training – Oranges vs. Apples

I had the opportunity to attend a Diverse Origins workshop today.

I have some very pointed comments to address what was presented.

First of all, as a minority and a woman (double whammy some might say, I really don’t give a crap–I am me) I am extremely tired of people highlighting differences in people.  With the intent of this training, to be more compassionate and understanding of others, why not focus on humanity vs. differences based on gender, race, sexual orientation, political views or disability etc.   To me, the differences are the same as the difference in fruit.

An orange is different than an apple.  Yet one could hardly argue the fact that they are both fruit.  You could sit and spin things in such a way that the poor orange, who maybe did not hit the fruit stand for a few years due to marketing problems, was so disadvantaged, that eventually the poor orange would play the victim role and for years bemoan, “I am but an orange and oh how I have suffered.”

Mind you, this is not making light of the plight of the orange.  The orange did suffer, and if I put the orange out on the fruit stand with the “Poor Disadvantaged Orange” sign above it, do you think it would sell better?  Do you think that one might feel obligated, not on the merits of the tastiness of the orange, but on it’s history alone , to buy it?  This does the orange NO justice.  Why not, put a sign up that says “SCRUMPTIOUS ORANGE!”  I guarantee you, not only would the orange feel better about being an orange, but pretty soon it would forget that at some point it was disadvantaged.  That’s not say the experience of being disadvantaged would be diminished.  But rather, the excellent feeling of being a scrumptious orange would be all the better.  One can’t get away from bad times, life being unfair or having bad interactions, but–if you cling to them as defining where you are right now (or for the rest of your life) and let them hold you back, then  you will never really get to be the scrumptious orange…. EVER.

So one of the best things I have heard about racism, comes from my favorite actor, Morgan Freeman.

The second thing that really disgusted me during this training was “The Platinum Rule” which states:

“Treat others the way they need to be treated”

WHO the hell could really agree with that?  First of all, I don’t trust many people enough to know how I need to be treated.  It is far too subjective and really quite dangerous.  WHO decides what is the “way” that people should be treated.  How much do you trust others to determine that?

My orange example, lets that that out a step further.  Let’s say I have an orange, who decided to push a thousand oranges off the orange truck to be squashed on the road.

One might say:

“That orange needs to be treated the same way, and take that orange and squash it on the road. In fact let’s just piss on him after too.”

Another might say:

“Aw heck lets just buy that orange and take him home, give him a nice spot on our counter until breakfast on Saturday.  That poor orange was so disadvantaged, no wonder he went wrong.”

Wonder what some might say, about how the people who were responsible for 9/11 “need to be treated.”  You can be sure that the answers you get would vary.  Just ask the mother of a son who died in a pile of rubble on that day… Ask a rescue worker who pulled broken and dead people from that same rubble… ask a soldier… ask a Muslim… ask a leftist….

Another problem, as highlighted in my “training” today… was, oh heck, let’s continue with the orange analogy…

Let’s say this disadvantaged orange was always wearing “armor” to shield itself from the really bad comments that it got, day in and day out.  But eventually the orange’s armor had a chink it it… and things worked their way through…  The orange went to 10 different places and each one of them, either overtly or inadvertently reminded it that it was really just a disadvantaged orange.  And when it got to the 11th place, and the checker did not put their change in their hand, but on the counter *gasp* instead.  Well, we have to remember the RAGE that the disadvantaged orange was suppressing, because the checker really didn’t do anything visible that was wrong.  But all the combined wrongs led the disadvantaged orange to a fit of rage.  My “training” facilitator empahisized this for what???  There was no focus on personal responsibility.

The orange is responsible for it’s behavior.  Regardless of how others treat you, you are responsible for your own behavior.  Even if someone is being “an idiot” or really rude, how you respond shows your character!  Personal responsibility is a value that is being diminished on a daily basis, especially in our present country and the current administration’s entitlement philosophies.

Now, honestly…. I am tired of people promoting diversity.  I am fully aware that there are differences and diversity in our country.  I am bi-racial and I refuse to check ONE box.  I mentioned melting pot, in one of my comments to the facilitator and she had the audacity (I am sure she has some hope and changey feelings too) to liken that to something derogatory.  I think of melting pot as we are all in the same “soup” and her perception was that we are boiled into uniform matter losing all our identity.  Come on–it’s how you perceive it.  They can turn the most innocuous thing into a theft of identity or rights by golly!

How about we just let fruit be fruit.  Humans be humans.  We know there are differences between individuals, but what it boils down to is that focusing on our differences really doesn’t do anyone justice–be it a person or an orange.

Thanks for listening!

Your questions or comments are welcomed!

Until Next Time!

Oh yeah, one of the training participants stated she was reading a blog the other day and that she realized something that had changed from the protesting of the 60’s.  That blogging anonymously was not the same, and how in their day if you were protesting something, you did it in person with your name and face attached.  How’s this?  (by the way, if you have read my blog at all you will notice I publish my name in my correspondence to my elected officials).  I guarantee you if you were standing in front of me, I’d be saying the same things!