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Silence Betokens Consent – Speak up America

The current political pressure on both sides of our two-parties is immense.  I read some articles this morning that really highlighted the current tenuous hold that the Dems have in Massachusetts.

Coakley made some very dumb comments over this past week.  From my visits to Mass, I recall the strong presence of the Irish Catholic working people.  I honestly hope that every Catholic in Massachusetts (and anyone else)  gets out and votes against this ridiculous woman!  Courtesy of the Washington Times:

Ken Pittman: Right, if you are a Catholic, and believe what the Pope teaches that any form of birth control is a sin. ah you don’t want to do that.

Martha Coakley: No we have a separation of church and state Ken, lets be clear.

Ken Pittman: In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom.

Martha Coakley: (……uh, eh…um..) The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.

Wow, I think not only is her comment doing a disservice to the many Catholic medical professionals, but I think that she is putting the cart before the horse.

What I mean by that is that, she states : “No we have a separation of church and state Ken, lets be clear.” Now this would be relevant if… IF… the STATE was running the emergency rooms, now wouldn’t it?

Wow.. .the “law says you are allowed to have that.”  Why is it that terrorist in this country have more honor for their religious beliefs, by the Leftists, than do hard working American Catholics saving lives in the Emergency Room?  How screwed up is that?

If the Left has any sense of self-preservation they will duly take note of the reaction of the American people.  I hear about these Right Wing Radicals, people who are so radical, as to oppose “King Barack Hussein Obama’s” political agenda?  We still, at least far as I know, have the right to freedom of speech and the freedom of choice when it comes to political parties.  Who knows, what they are cooking up behind closed doors, that freedom may well be at jeopardy too.

Create a crisis, force your solution, misinform the masses–the American people are getting very tired of it.

I am more than happy to be called a Right Wing Radical.  Who am I?  Someone flinging tea bags at Dems?  No…  I am a tax-paying, mother of 3.  Someone who works in social services for the majority of my life.  You’d think I would be singing Kumbaya and hollering for terrorist rights, but wait… Kumbaya has the word “Lord” in it.  That is just not PC.  Cripes…

I think the American people who are sick of the current political pressure from the Democratic Party need to have a concerted effort Monday–on Martin Luther King Day.  I am going to encourage every single person who is tired of the rhetoric, the force feeding, the lack of transparency, the inexorable push to the Left, the incompetence of the politicians as it pertains to OUR military, Barack’s inept international politics, shaking hands with mass murderers, closing of Gitmo and putting our citizens at more risk, giving a terrorist more rights than an average citizen, increased taxes and their false stimulus, bribery with no negative consequences (at least until election day), the idea of developing a national police, 2800 page legislation they don’t have the balls to read outloud and analyze in front of the American people.

What do we do?  Well I suggest that every American who opposes the list above (which is really far from complete) honors the Great Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for equality for ALL, and proved that civil disobedience was an effective method for bringing about change.

Gather peacefully at your local government offices, municipal city halls, state legislatures, and if you can, our nation’s capital at 6:01 pm EST and stay there until 7:05 pm EST.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot at 6:01 and was pronounced dead at 7:05.

Bring a tea bag and a candle!  Hold them both high and demand that the honor of our country be protected.  Show that Martin Luther King did not bring about change only to have the rights stripped from us by the Leftist agenda.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


Where did it all go so wrong? Guest Writer, Mark Sowers

Where did it all go so wrong?

Was there a time, in the hazy, distant past, around 1971, the year of my birth, when being an American meant something other than attempting to die with the most toys? Someone please enlighten me. I don’t profess to be the most educated person, the most lucid thinker, the best rhetorician or even an expert on any given topic. But what I have, I think, is a decent grasp on reality and a logical enough mind to discern that something is rotten in America.

Let’s start with a bit of human nature (in present day America) as I see it.

I think we can safely assume that the average American desires certain things like food, housing, a car, tv, internet access, and a few extra bucks for the niceties of life like a dinner out or new piece of jewelry. I mean everyone knows that tv and the internet are needs, not wants. So from this modest list we can divine that the food might be pizza or Olive Garden, the house could be a Central Park Trumpesque penthouse or a Beverly Hills Mansion, the tv, though, has simply got to be a flat screen – minimum viewable area: 42 inches. And internet access has to be ultra-high speed cable or DSL; that dial up NetZero-type access is SO 1998.

Aren’t we told every-so-often about the “Greatest Generation”? Those World War II veterans and their compatriots who were so full of integrity, so honorable, so American? Where did they go? Or, more appropriately, what happened to their children’s children? Can we point to the civil upheaval of the Vietnam era or the unrest of the lunch counter sit-ins and Brown v. Board of Education? Perhaps. I think it goes deeper than mere ideology or political bent, to something more base, instinctual.

I can remember watching cartoons as a youngster, and if memory serves, the commercials during those cartoons were fairly innocuous. I even once convinced my mom to purchase a glass cleaner other than Windex because there was a commercial for it that featured a really cool robot speaking in a mechanical, prototypically robotic voice that I found fascinating. Reminded me of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, which I loved. The effectiveness of the product, to me, was immaterial. We had to have it because the commercial was so good.

As media forms have developed and evolved, we are exposed to more and more advertising. Just this evening I was watching a prominent television opinion show host who featured in one segment of his program, an enormous and risqué billboard some half a city block long. The question he posed to his panel of guests was did the risqué appearance warrant a reaction and if so, would it be positive or negative. When I was watching robots sell glass cleaner, I don’t remember ever seeing a commercial anywhere near as blatantly sexual as that billboard. But today I am barely notice them, they are so prevalent. How many times have we watched a television program during prime time and seen a Viagra or Cialis commercial? Opened a magazine and seen beautiful, young individuals in extremely suggestive poses exuding sexuality? Sex sells.

But its not the commercials I’m driving at as being the problem, its an attitude. The reason I’m seeing more and more commercials like that billboard and the Viagra spots, is because we are constantly marketed to. Everywhere. And what is the point of advertising and marketing? To sell something. To make money. And what does money do? It allows one to afford a house with 8 bedrooms and a 5 car garage for a family of four. It lets one purchase a $200,000 car, or several. Is there anything wrong with that? Not necessarily. If someone has the money and chooses to spend it thus, OK by me. Its their money and therefore their right. I have no problem with rich folk, provided they came by their wealth honestly – even if they did inherit it.

Politics has always been a dirty game. Maybe it seems worse now because events are so well-covered, what with 24-hour cable news, the internet (Thanks for inventing it for us Mr. Gore! You’re a SWELL guy!), tweeting, and all the other forms of instant communication/information dissemination available to us. Except that there really seems to be a huge disconnect between our elected officials in D.C. and us. I recently read about a poll, don’t remember which organization conducted it, but it asked Americans whether or not they approved of the job that Congress was doing. Over 80% disapproved of the job they’ve done. The same organization asked members of Congress what they thought of their own performance. Only 6% disapproved. So 94% of Congress thinks they are doing well, less than 20% of the American people think so. Seem like a bit of a disparity?

The recent events in the Senate involving Ben Nelson are telling. Harry Reid bribed him. How’s that going to make Nelson’s polls look? Principle is a mirage, ethics ethereal. I’m reminded of an article in the November, 2009 edition of National Geographic about animal mummies. According to the author animals were associated with the myriad gods of ancient Egypt. In order to curry favor from one of the gods, an Egyptian would mummify whatever animal was linked to their god, and donate the mummy to a temple. Much like our modern tradition of putting money in the plate at church. Apparently some of the Egyptians were scalawags. “…x-rays have revealed a variety of ancient consumer rip-offs: a cheaper animal substituted for a rarer, more expensive one; bones or feathers in place of a whole animal; beautiful wrappings around nothing but mud.” That appears to be what our elected officials have become. The pejorative “empty suit” has been used to describe politicians for some time now, and it is largely deserved. I’d liken them more to those mummies though – fancy wrappers full of mud. Very few still contain guts.

So is this what America has come to? Our elected officials, put in place to serve us, have sold their souls for a few hundred million in benefits for their districts. Or maybe not even that much. Could we please go back to the 1940’s and 50’s in our ethics? Get a Shop-Vac®, suck the mud out of the pretty clothes, and fill the inky void with some substance and spine–before its too late.

Email to Bob Nelson

I took a few minutes to write Bob Nelson.  I urge everyone to do the same!

Senator Nelson,

I started this letter a few times, Dear did not seem appropriate, neither did Mr.  A term of endearment or a sign of respect hardly seems to be appropriate for you.

You sold out to the party and the were bought by Harry Reid and Democratic Party to pass a piece of legislation that could not pass on it’s own merit.  You are a disgrace to politicians, to your constituents and America in general.

Not only will I provide monetary support to any person who opposes you in the next election but I will ensure that any Republican or Independent has my support for the rest of my natural life based on how I have seen the Democratic party conduct itself.

I have never been more disgusted with a piece of legislation, along with many other Americans.  I sit in disbelief that despite our urging you in particular sold your soul and political career for socialism in the United States.

It’s people like you that give politics a bad name.  You have done a huge disservice to your country and although your constituents won’t have to pay (as much) as the rest of us, they will indeed pay in the long for your force feeding foul legislation.  YOU put your senatorial stamp on it.  I know don’t care or you would voted otherwise.  The end justifies the means right?  You decide the greater good, but YOU are exempt from the ramifications of your decision.

Let’s hope the House has more spine than you, although the open bribery and disgusting conduct has been already illuminated there by people like Nancy Pelosi.  You are puppets in this game, how long before you realize that your puppeteer led you in the wrong direction?  Or maybe you do already and of course are following along with whoever pulls your strings or lines your pocket?

Disgusted United States Citizen,

Marcy Sowers

Polarization of America – Part II

I just read a post on Facebook that fully illustrates how polarized America is right now over healthcare.

First of all, why is it that it so many are lead to believe this is the ONLY chance in the world to fix healthcare.  When something is painted as the ONLY option, people start being frightened and overwhelmed with a sense of urgency.  I call BS. You listen to the shady politicians and slipstream media (thanks to my husband for that term) then you will think the ONLY chance to fix healthcare is NOW… If that is what you believe you may want to read another blog, I refuse to be forced into a stampede like an ignorant fool.

The country is being divided into Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, Republican and Democrat and whose side of the fence do you sit on??  What if you don’t want to sit on either?  What if you don’t believe that 23 MILLION uninsured is acceptable given the huge cost the CBO is figuring.  Now I have a question, those 23 million uninured–how do they discount those folks?  Isn’t this supposed to be universal healthcare for everyone? Do you really want your healthcare decisions to be made by people like Harry Reid?????

The stimulus is failing, the economy is failing, unemployment is going up and taxation seems to be their only answer.  The debt is burgeoning and our children and grandchildren will be paying for the mistakes of herded chattle for a long time.

Demand a better solution; demand that our politicians have to pay for their insurance after they are done serving their terms; demand that illegals who don’t pay into taxes don’t receive benefits; demand insurance reform; demand pharmeceutical reform!

Divided people are a weakened voice, only to be arguing with each other while the wolves in Washington DC decide our fate for us.  What do you think?

The United States Constitution does not provide us with the right to health care.  It does provide our states to be responsible for the things not covered by the federal government.  Bring the power to the people, back to the states and demand your state do better.

Until Next Time!


US Senate…

I am just curious, what level of coverage this affords them???

“Most of us in the Senate are in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program, a government-administered program. I don’t find any Republicans who find government health insurance repugnant bailing out of their own health insurance plan that they enjoy as members of Congress,” Durbin said.

I would really love to hear the details of what coverage they enjoy for life.  I am sure their coverage will pay for a mammogram if they are under 50…

I took a brief look at online information about what is covered for Federal Employees enrolled in one of the plans (in Alaska)–do you think our plan (the one they are trying to shove down our throats) will look like this???  I highly doubt it!

If the Senate had to use the same options as everyone else, I think the bill would have been dead a long time ago.  Let’s demand them to use the same exact option as a single mother of 2 who lives in an inner city.  Let’s demand that they have no preferential treatment when it comes to insurance.

Have a great day and until next time!


Sarah Palin… tells it like it is!

I just sat in amazement over two things a minute ago.  After I read this on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

Really? A tax on national defense? I hear liberal Congressional proposals and I, like most Americans, wonder if they’re serious. We’re going to put a price tag on security?

With Congress and President Obama spending money on everything at breakneck speed, it’s interesting that they are only now getting nervous about spending – but only when it comes to providing the necessary funds to complete our mission in Afghanistan. They don’t need a new “war tax” to fund a strategy for victory in the war zone. They simply need to prioritize our money appropriately.

I find it telling that the Pelosi-Reid Congress is only cost-conscious when it comes to our national defense. Scary. Nonsensical. Unacceptable.

– Sarah Palin

The things that gave me a moment’s pause and amazement:

  • Sarah will tell it like she sees it, that is awesome in light of the sugar coated crap we are fed nearly daily from the current administration and congress.  The fact that she will do this is awesome.  I am proud that we are still people who refuse to pander to the politicians and will be a voice of the people.
  • That the congress would actually consider this in light of what has been going on in our country.  Read this National Review article for more information on it.  This reaaaalyyyy discourages folks from making more money, what happened to the American dream?  Work hard, make money and take care of yourself and your family?  The land of Milk and Honey and Golden Opportunity seem to have been forgotten in the current administration!    It’s more of lets break you, tax you, make you dependent on us (so we can determine what is best)… If you are doing well we will tax you more so perhaps you’ll eventually fall in line.

People need incentives to make more money, not fear of taxes.  We need defense, just look at 9/11 and the state of the current affairs.  The Fort Hood massacre for example.  The most amazing thing is that our current leader is presenting America as a weak state in addition to his weakening of our economy and attempting to break the American Dream to promote socialism.

He thinks he may be winning, but he is fortunately wrong.  He is making choices that leaves appearing more vulnerable and weak.   The power of America did not come from a just a great president.  The power of America comes from the people and America is much stronger when the people are behind their president.  I believed that previous presidents, even flawed ones, did not attempt the kind of “fundamental change” that Obama is trying to impose.  Regardless of party, I have stood by either Democratic or Republic presidents, even if I did not vote for them.

However, I can’t in good conscience stand by the President.  I am sure I am not the only American who thinks this way.  A great president can bring together the people, instead ours is dividing them.  America needs to wake up, stand up and verbalize loudly, do not back down from your politicians. Write them all, call their offices, arrive at their legislative offices and if they are not present, ask to speak to an aide.  Keep them so overwhelmed with voices of displeasure that eventually, some of the brighter politicians will take note.  Fortunately, they appear to have the herd mentality, and if a few of them start swinging over to actually listening to their constituents, who knows, we might just have a stampede.  Demand to be heard.  Explain how their current direction and votes are NOT what you agree to.

The power still lies within the people, providing they are not lying down on the job themselves.

Until Next Time!


P.S. Write Mark Begich, maybe he will respond eventually.  I still have not received my reply.  I think I will call next and ask for an appointment with him at legislative office here in town.  Think that will happen?  Haaa I doubt it.  But I sure would love to publish the rejection.  I think I will ask for their denial of an appointment in writing should they not listen to me and at least answer, in real answers, not vague misdirection.  Good thing I have skills in that I can use with the politicians, I work with criminal offenders.  There are some similarities between the two.  Entitlement and thinking errors are two things I can name of right off the bat.  Give me more time, I’ll come up with some more.

Link to a great article…

If this doesn’t burn your britches, then I just don’t know what to tell you… how about no mammogram until your 50?

Great article–as if you aren’t sickened enough!

Until next time!


P.S. Equal work means equal payyy mmm mmm mmm (that’s a far cry in this administration!  Well that depends on what you constitute work as–perhaps ruining the country with unsound economics, shaking hands and befriending malevolent dictators, pulling the wool over your sheep’s eyes and culling the herd!)  Oh yes, Mark Begich still hasn’t written me back.  Perhaps he is too busy trying to figure out how he should vote or perhaps he is slinking around Anchorage because he left the budget there in ruin–but likely he is having Wagyu steaks smelling orchids or hmm I wonder what Reid is serving up tonight? Mmmm Mmmmm MMmmmm…


Moose stew, is something that Sarah Palin is happy with.  I wouldn’t mind if she shipped some moose meat to the white house, provided she lives there.