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Begich’s Reply – The best Deem of ALL! MUST READ!

Yet another testament how the elected are NOT listening to their constituents.

Wonder what Obama and his ilk promised him?  Either he got a sweet back room deal or he is absolutely brainwashed by his party’s rhetoric.  Either way, he has no spine and is willing to sell out Alaskans and Alaskan Constitutional Rights to the Obama movement to socialist America.

March 19, 2010

Dear Mrs. Sowers:

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing Alaskans opinions, both pro and con, on this important issue.

As of this letter, the Senate reform bill awaits final action in the House. It is my hope Congress will incorporate the best ideas, no matter where they come from, and move forward soon with a comprehensive bill. I have already shared my thoughts on what Alaska needs with Senate leadership.

We must act. With reform delayed Alaskans are contacting me about health insurance premiums rising even more drastically. For example, the Anchorage property management company is seeing a 64 percent jump for family insurance policies this year. The Juneau nursing home is paying a 27 percent hike for 2010; when they shopped around the only other quote was for a 37 percent increase. Or the self-employed Alaska couple who couldn’t afford a 60 percent premium increase and instead raised their deductibles so high all they have now is a plan to cover only medical catastrophes.

The Senate reform bill I voted for will reduce the federal budget deficit. It will end the status quo of ballooning insurance and medical costs, patients denied coverage and families in financial ruin because of illness. Even healthy, insured Alaskans are being hit by a hidden tax charging them for medical costs incurred by those not covered.

The economy is stymied by these increases. Families have less disposable income. The majority of recently surveyed Anchorage businesses listed soaring health insurance costs as the number one barrier to growth.

My principles for reform are clear – providing Alaskans the security of:

o No discrimination for pre-existing conditions,
o No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays,
o No cost-sharing for preventative care,
o No dropping of coverage for the sick or seriously ill,
o No gender discrimination,
o No lifetime caps on how much care insurance companies will cover,
o Children eligible for family coverage until they turn 26.

The Senate-passed bill also reduces the deficit. Because the government is a major health provider, delivering care more efficiently significantly reduces outlays in years to come. The non-partisan budget office says the measure cuts federal spending by more than $100 billion over the next decade and up to $1 trillion in the second.

The Senate bill includes several of my amendments: a panel to improve federal health care in Alaska, increased loan forgiveness for thousands of new primary care providers and added funding for community hospitals. I also helped author a well-received cost-containment amendment that cuts prices for consumers, increases value and innovation in the health care system and saves hundreds of millions of dollars.

No one who supports reform is trying to win a popularity contest. I’m doing it because I firmly believe reform will help relieve the burden on hard-working families and businesses while reducing deficit spending.

Many components of the Senate bill are exactly what I talked about and supported during my campaign, and I will continue to work hard to make sure we finish the job. The stakes are too high not to move forward.

Thank you again for contacting me about health insurance reform. As the 111th Congress moves forward, please continue to share your thoughts.


Mark Begich
U.S. Senator

Begich attached two files to the email, one on on Health Reform Facts and an article from the LA Times.

Do I care? Do I believe the bull he is trying to pawn off on me? NO!

Why are insurance premiums so high? How about allowing people to buy insurance across state lines? How about providing some tort reform so medical providers don’t have to pay huge medical malpractice insurance and order tests they don’t feel are necessary? Why doesn’t he mention in here, that this horrid piece of legislation changes not only healthcare, the largest government takeover of all? But now they have rolled into it student loans, making the government the only source of student loans?

How many IRS agents do they figure in?

Well an article I found states this:

The IRS, the agency responsible for enforcing tax laws, will have to hire a small army of new employees to monitor the health insurance compliance of roughly 300 million Americans and collect the penalties imposed on those who don’t meet the health care bill’s individual mandate to carry health insurance. Some estimates put the number of new tax collectors at more than 16,000.

This is unreal.

Read on if you wish.

How will the IRS be involved in your healthcare?  What new power will they have if we let them continue on this power play of force?

The sickening thing is that the people that really give two %#@% about what is going on are not the kind of people to incite revolution and force the hand of the government to stop this nonsense.  But maybe we should be… at this point.  If half the people in this country  knew what they were in for.

Is their plan to “deem it passed” constitutional?  I think, not.  Read on from Edwin Meese III, former US Attorney General.

Quite possibly the BEST thing I have read today comes from Deroy Murdock and his article on National Review, here are the last two paragraphs!  PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, YOUR BLOG, YOUR EMAIL!  I deem it!  I LOVE IT!

Meanwhile, House leaders grow increasingly shady as they pound this legislative gruel down the gullets of the gagging American people. Team Pelosi may attempt to pass the Senate bill through a “self-executing rule,” whereby House members would approve a reconciliation proposal, whereupon Obamacare will be “deemed to have passed” the House without a pesky yea-or-nay vote. Pelosi praised this subterfuge: “I like it because people don’t have to vote on the Senate bill.”

If Obama, Pelosi, and other Democrats pull this scam, Americans should deny them the cash they crave. Come April 15, citizens should tell Washington that they “deemed to pay” their taxes, and then pocket their earnings.

Is that not just the most beautiful thing?  I deem my taxes have been paid…


Where did it all go so wrong? Guest Writer, Mark Sowers

Where did it all go so wrong?

Was there a time, in the hazy, distant past, around 1971, the year of my birth, when being an American meant something other than attempting to die with the most toys? Someone please enlighten me. I don’t profess to be the most educated person, the most lucid thinker, the best rhetorician or even an expert on any given topic. But what I have, I think, is a decent grasp on reality and a logical enough mind to discern that something is rotten in America.

Let’s start with a bit of human nature (in present day America) as I see it.

I think we can safely assume that the average American desires certain things like food, housing, a car, tv, internet access, and a few extra bucks for the niceties of life like a dinner out or new piece of jewelry. I mean everyone knows that tv and the internet are needs, not wants. So from this modest list we can divine that the food might be pizza or Olive Garden, the house could be a Central Park Trumpesque penthouse or a Beverly Hills Mansion, the tv, though, has simply got to be a flat screen – minimum viewable area: 42 inches. And internet access has to be ultra-high speed cable or DSL; that dial up NetZero-type access is SO 1998.

Aren’t we told every-so-often about the “Greatest Generation”? Those World War II veterans and their compatriots who were so full of integrity, so honorable, so American? Where did they go? Or, more appropriately, what happened to their children’s children? Can we point to the civil upheaval of the Vietnam era or the unrest of the lunch counter sit-ins and Brown v. Board of Education? Perhaps. I think it goes deeper than mere ideology or political bent, to something more base, instinctual.

I can remember watching cartoons as a youngster, and if memory serves, the commercials during those cartoons were fairly innocuous. I even once convinced my mom to purchase a glass cleaner other than Windex because there was a commercial for it that featured a really cool robot speaking in a mechanical, prototypically robotic voice that I found fascinating. Reminded me of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, which I loved. The effectiveness of the product, to me, was immaterial. We had to have it because the commercial was so good.

As media forms have developed and evolved, we are exposed to more and more advertising. Just this evening I was watching a prominent television opinion show host who featured in one segment of his program, an enormous and risqué billboard some half a city block long. The question he posed to his panel of guests was did the risqué appearance warrant a reaction and if so, would it be positive or negative. When I was watching robots sell glass cleaner, I don’t remember ever seeing a commercial anywhere near as blatantly sexual as that billboard. But today I am barely notice them, they are so prevalent. How many times have we watched a television program during prime time and seen a Viagra or Cialis commercial? Opened a magazine and seen beautiful, young individuals in extremely suggestive poses exuding sexuality? Sex sells.

But its not the commercials I’m driving at as being the problem, its an attitude. The reason I’m seeing more and more commercials like that billboard and the Viagra spots, is because we are constantly marketed to. Everywhere. And what is the point of advertising and marketing? To sell something. To make money. And what does money do? It allows one to afford a house with 8 bedrooms and a 5 car garage for a family of four. It lets one purchase a $200,000 car, or several. Is there anything wrong with that? Not necessarily. If someone has the money and chooses to spend it thus, OK by me. Its their money and therefore their right. I have no problem with rich folk, provided they came by their wealth honestly – even if they did inherit it.

Politics has always been a dirty game. Maybe it seems worse now because events are so well-covered, what with 24-hour cable news, the internet (Thanks for inventing it for us Mr. Gore! You’re a SWELL guy!), tweeting, and all the other forms of instant communication/information dissemination available to us. Except that there really seems to be a huge disconnect between our elected officials in D.C. and us. I recently read about a poll, don’t remember which organization conducted it, but it asked Americans whether or not they approved of the job that Congress was doing. Over 80% disapproved of the job they’ve done. The same organization asked members of Congress what they thought of their own performance. Only 6% disapproved. So 94% of Congress thinks they are doing well, less than 20% of the American people think so. Seem like a bit of a disparity?

The recent events in the Senate involving Ben Nelson are telling. Harry Reid bribed him. How’s that going to make Nelson’s polls look? Principle is a mirage, ethics ethereal. I’m reminded of an article in the November, 2009 edition of National Geographic about animal mummies. According to the author animals were associated with the myriad gods of ancient Egypt. In order to curry favor from one of the gods, an Egyptian would mummify whatever animal was linked to their god, and donate the mummy to a temple. Much like our modern tradition of putting money in the plate at church. Apparently some of the Egyptians were scalawags. “…x-rays have revealed a variety of ancient consumer rip-offs: a cheaper animal substituted for a rarer, more expensive one; bones or feathers in place of a whole animal; beautiful wrappings around nothing but mud.” That appears to be what our elected officials have become. The pejorative “empty suit” has been used to describe politicians for some time now, and it is largely deserved. I’d liken them more to those mummies though – fancy wrappers full of mud. Very few still contain guts.

So is this what America has come to? Our elected officials, put in place to serve us, have sold their souls for a few hundred million in benefits for their districts. Or maybe not even that much. Could we please go back to the 1940’s and 50’s in our ethics? Get a Shop-Vac®, suck the mud out of the pretty clothes, and fill the inky void with some substance and spine–before its too late.

Email to Bob Nelson

I took a few minutes to write Bob Nelson.  I urge everyone to do the same!

Senator Nelson,

I started this letter a few times, Dear did not seem appropriate, neither did Mr.  A term of endearment or a sign of respect hardly seems to be appropriate for you.

You sold out to the party and the were bought by Harry Reid and Democratic Party to pass a piece of legislation that could not pass on it’s own merit.  You are a disgrace to politicians, to your constituents and America in general.

Not only will I provide monetary support to any person who opposes you in the next election but I will ensure that any Republican or Independent has my support for the rest of my natural life based on how I have seen the Democratic party conduct itself.

I have never been more disgusted with a piece of legislation, along with many other Americans.  I sit in disbelief that despite our urging you in particular sold your soul and political career for socialism in the United States.

It’s people like you that give politics a bad name.  You have done a huge disservice to your country and although your constituents won’t have to pay (as much) as the rest of us, they will indeed pay in the long for your force feeding foul legislation.  YOU put your senatorial stamp on it.  I know don’t care or you would voted otherwise.  The end justifies the means right?  You decide the greater good, but YOU are exempt from the ramifications of your decision.

Let’s hope the House has more spine than you, although the open bribery and disgusting conduct has been already illuminated there by people like Nancy Pelosi.  You are puppets in this game, how long before you realize that your puppeteer led you in the wrong direction?  Or maybe you do already and of course are following along with whoever pulls your strings or lines your pocket?

Disgusted United States Citizen,

Marcy Sowers

Doctor! Doctor! on National Review Online

Doctor! Doctor! on National Review Online.

How so very true!!!  I loved what was said here!

This is blatant corruption at work, something I believe is unacceptable regardless of whichever party you affiliate with!  Are you okay with the corruption in the Senate?

Give it to me NOW!

So, as I sat watching a commercial today, I was struck by the profound message the Hidden Valley Ranch commercial had.  Not just to make Hidden Valley Ranch topping for potatoes, but the underlying message.  Apparently the mother in the commercial, her son would only eat potatoes.  So to vary it up, the mother decided to put ranch and bacon on it to liven things up.

Now, that just sickens me.  Kids who dictate the dinner table are the kind of kids that will dictate our future.  The lack of rounded individuals abounds.  Ever present are the kind of kids and adults who have whined until they ate nothing but (potatoes, mac and cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets etc.) for dinner.  We are breeding a generation of people who base their decisions in life on lower level needs–decisions based on pleasure or approval.  Higher level decision making happens less and less, the focus on making decisions considering others and community have fallen by the wayside.

Because of this decision making style and bribery that is the  modus operandi for so many American homes, I believe that the egregious bribery that is running rampant in our United States Senate, the purchase of Ben Nelson’s vote for example, is not viewed as disgusting and unethical as it is.  The “What’s in it for me” or “The I’ll do for you if you do for me” is viewed as normal and an effective way to making decisions for dinner as it is for buying votes in the Senate.  How can this even be constitutional?

Americans need to stand up and shout, take a hard look at themselves and how they expect the world around them to be and REFUSE to accept this way of thinking in our homes and Senate!

I say no to making mac and cheese every night at dinner because my kids won’t eat anything else.  This just begets further problems.  My children will be the first to exclaim they want a steamed artichoke or brussel sprouts.  They eat things ranging from spicy Thai to a savory curry from India!  This would not be possible if I had given them mac and cheese or chicken nuggets every day.  Each day I expected them to try new things have an open mind and go out of their comfort zone.

It worked.

These and many more reasons are why I am very proud of my kids.  They are respectful more than other kids I see.   When they are not, it’s for things that are quite normal for kids and NOT the kind of lip you hear so many teens these days.  I am raising some fabulous conservative kids, with a healthy dose of care for others in society.

The American people need to look deeply at what is going on the United States Senate and put a stop to this unethical, disgusting behavior.  Bribery and force feeding–if you must do this, can it possibly be the right thing to do?  Take a minute and think.  Hold a tea party, write your Senators and call for serious repercussions for this foul behavior.  It is NOT acceptable and will not be tolerated!

Until next time!


P.S.  I would love to get more comments!  Feel free to comment, is always great to hear from you!

Polarization of America

It is quite interesting when you see how other people think, especially those people whose opinion differs from yours. I am writing this based on a conversation that I had on Facebook chat with someone.

I see America as divided into 3 categories. On one end of the spectrum are people who oppose Obamacare. The other side are those who want Obamacare. The middle, let’s say the undecided, apathetic or ignorant have yet to put in their voice. This is not to say that there are no ignorant folk on at least one end of the spectrum.

The chat I had, well it clearly showed that the person who was vociferously arguing for Obamacare had chosen to listen to the mainstream media, had never read the proposed legislation, either the house or senate version and honestly believes that if this bill does not pass, there will NEVER be healthcare reform. This person believed that the Republican party never submitted any legislation that offered a solution. (What about the one proposed by Republican House Minority Leader, John Boehner, that clearly addressed changes to insurance regulations, tort reform etc. that the Democrats did not even allow to be debated?)

The people who are pissed, on either side are getting more angry as opposition on either side grows. The middle, some are being swayed one way or another–some are just shirking their duty as a citizen to have a say in what the government does. They have the mentality that “the government will decide what’s best, I am not a politician so how could I know?”  This kind of ignorance just irks me.

This one issue is just one of many that is dividing the country.  Other points that are causing just as much concern and down right anger… Hmmm what could they be?

  • How about allowing radical Muslims in our armed forces?
  • How about treating the terrorists that killed so many Americans with the same rights as an American!
  • Let’s see, how about gun control on our bases? How absolutely ridiculous is that?
  • How about letting a radical Muslim work on a base with gun control and our soldiers die, unarmed?
  • The economy, national debt, continuing increase in unemployment (but wait, some might say that is just an inherited problem–Obama put money into our states to create jobs.)
  • Well what about those states, that received money for fictitious districts?
  • How about the surveys that the federal government sent out, that asked employers to check a box, no other options, that there was a job saved or created. If there was no change, employers had to check “saved” since it wasn’t created.   How skewed is that?

United States of America has been reduced to a very divided country. Where politicians ignore constituents, and vote on party lines. I had to laugh when Rush Limbaugh stated that these politicians who were doing so, they were the equivalent of political suicide bombers. Nothing could be closer to the truth. I can assure you that I will not only be voting against some of my current legislators next election but also actively campaigning for someone else and actively disparaging and educating any voter I can speak to, to do the same. (Mark Begich take note! Oh wait you don’t even bother to respond to a constituent who asks for REAL clarification–hmm how’s that mission you are on treating you? You think your superman cape you wear, puts you above any naysayer? Loss of votes next election will surely have an impact, not on just Mark Begich but on so many that refused to listen to their constituents, especially the ones that are looking at pork and drooling).

And I guess I didn’t touch on the health care rationing which is finally waking up some of the downright strongest voices in America, women. This health care (cough cough errr Death Panel) is clearly biased against women. I hear people say, “Oh well that’s just a panel. The panel has no effect.” This PANEL decides which care you get under the government plan. How powerful is that? I wonder how much opposition our legislators would have to this bill if they too were subject to the same stipulations, same unemployment rate etc? How many of them have to work with radical Muslims and not be able to have a gun? Makes you think huh?

Well, some could say that they do have to work with radical Muslims/Communists or dictators who want to destroy everything in the United States, hurt the American people and everything our soldiers have died for.

Let’s just look at the frequent flyer club at the White House.  Let’s look at all the money funneled into ACORN?  Look up CARE.  I have to LAUGH OUT LOUD when someone talks of Republicans and how they are corrupt.  But, according to certain people in high places, corruption is only okay if you are trying to fundamentally change the nation.  The end justifies the means.  I think that philosophy runs rampant in our current administration and sadly to a great deal, the American people.

Machiavelli stated that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  This is indeed true.  That’s why checks and balances were built into our government.  But lets not forget that Obama has these great Czars that are not part of the check and balance system.  Who are these Czars?  What is their political history and what they are fighting for?  What are their tactics? Why is it that his associations are not widely disputed as being associations of ill repute?

The end for some is being taken care of, instead of hard work.  Get off your asses and get to work, take the lower paying job.  Take two.  I have had to.  I haven’t lived off the government teat, in fact I have been paying into it since I got my work permit at age 14, roughly a quarter of a century.  I am tired of the “gimme gimme” mentality.  I am tired of the “I deserve it but am not willing to put in some elbow grease to get it.”  Go to school, keep your kids in school, attend parent teacher conferences, be involved in your community.  Get a job–keep it.  I have had health insurance since I was in my early twenties.  I have been a single mother, receiving WAY less than the required amount in child support, working a entry to mid level jobs and managed to make it work without being a leech on society.  It’s called hard work.  It’s called perseverance.  It’s called living within my means.  If I did not have a big screen TV, or an XBox 360 well that was just the way it was.  We had food, a warm shelter and some wants.  I am tired of the “Whats in it for me attitude” that so many Americans have been lured with.  You break people, make them dependent on you and you have got them by the balls. Who is holding yours?

The biggest CHECK is the American people and it’s time we let them know we have had enough.  Tell them you have had enough of the “fundamental change” and speak out loudly! It is clearly evident why Sarah Palin is so popular.  She is a leader of the people, real people–not the sly, devious fundamentally change driven, let me smile at you while you die of a preventable illness with early detection and tell you how good this change is!

Until next time!


Mark Begich – A good representation for Alaskans? I think not…

I know we have had our fair share of incompetent and easily persuaded individuals in Alaskan politics.  Many of whom were looking out for their best interest and with their pockets lined by folks like Bill Allen.

Well I am not surprised to see this article in the Anchorage Daily News, Begich is in the spotlight for failing to disclose bugetary shortfalls to the City Assembly of Anchorage before he left office to serve our (that is loosely stated) State of Alaska as a Senator.   (Psst… Mr. Begich also received contributions from Bill Allen, just look for yourself it won’t take much, just click the link and you’ll see Mr. Allen’s name at the top of the page, as well as several other Allen contributors.  I could spend more time finding other pocket liners, but really you can figure that out for yourself.)

So, what makes you think that Mr. Begich will adequately evaluate AND effectively report whether or not the current proposed healthcare legislation will be financially feasible for our country?

By the way, Mr. Begich did not have the fortitude to write me back, answering my very pointed questions.  If he did not report to Anchorage’s City Assembly a huge bugetary shortfall, why would answer a constituent?  This really might indicate he was more interested in his own political position, as Senator, than the Alaskan people he served in Anchorage.

His first canned response and only email to me, stated that he would be serving in Alaska’s best interest.  Now before this news hit the stand I really had reservations that he was doing so, and believed he was more dedicated to providing and regurgitating the Democratic (need I see say socialist) jargon than he was to Alaska’s best interest.   I have even graver concerns in light of this news.  I believe the people of Alaska, Anchorage in particular, should be up in arms over this issue and his ability to adequately serve as a Senator.  Is he answering to the Democratic party or to Alaska???

I see a clear resemblance in his failure to disclose to the city of Anchorage and the current Democratic party failing to disclose the huge financial consequences of their current healthcare legislation.  Please write Mr. Mark Begich and let him know what you think.

I say, I am ready for a change I can believe in.  Are you?

Until Next Time!